Black Woman Entrepreneur Says She Now Owns A $3.5M Intermodal Container Operation After Leaving Her Teaching Job

Booker is now uniquely positioned and does not rely on her hard cash to purchase trucks. Now, she finances her trucks, some valued at $60,000. Within 90 days, the truck pays itself off at little cost to her capital, which is made possible through an early payoff program.

“What I would do is — they were only charging me probably about $2,700 down. So, that’s the only capital that I would have to come in, with and I would run the truck approximately a week or two after I got it from the auction, and once the truck has made the money to pay itself off, I would pay it off within 120 days. I never used my capital or my business funds or my personal funds to purchase a truck. I would buy the truck and it will pay itself off,” Booker told AfroTech.

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