Boosie & His 18-Yr-Old Son Examine A Woman’s Private Parts With A Magnifying Glass On Instagram Live


Boosie and his son inspected the lady parts of a half-naked woman during a live-streamed “Boosie Baddie – Atlanta casting call.”

Boosie is on the receiving end of some hefty internet backlash after his “Boosie Gone Bad” live stream on Wednesday night (Mar. 16) where he and his 18-year-old son examined a woman’s private parts with a magnifying glass.  

Boosie hosted a live-streamed private party on his own platform yesterday evening (Mar. 16) following numerous Instagram bans and suspensions for his now-infamous explicit lives. However, part of the event was broadcast on Instagram Live via his “Americasmostwantedig” account.  

The backlash on Twitter was immediate once an extremely explicit clip of the rapper’s antics began circulating. “Look at the p#### son,” Boosie urges during the video as a woman, naked from the waist down, stands in front of them, displaying her private parts. 

The rapper then directs another half-naked woman to a bench where she lays on her back with her legs spread in the air. Meanwhile, Boosie and his son take turns inspecting the woman’s genitals with a magnifying glass. She then stands up and begins twerking before Boosie calls for another woman from the audience.  


The event was previously advertised as a “live, uncensored, and uncut interactive experience,” on the Boosie Gone Bad website. The stream gave ticket-buyers instant “exclusive access to the Boosie Baddie – Atlanta casting call.”  

“I’m back baby and I’m all the way live,” he explained during a commercial for the event. “Anything I do on camera is excusable. Anything I do on pay-per-view … I was drunk.”  

Boosie then compared himself to the “Tony Montana” character in Scarface proclaiming, “I feel like the world is mine. So my new nickname after this … Black Tony.” 

Twitter Reacts To Boosie & His Son On IG Live

However, the backlash on Twitter was swift with commenters outraged at the outspoken rapper and the influences his kids are exposed to. Check out some of the responses below.  

boosie had his sons molested by allowing grown women to perform oral on them while they were minors and y’all think it’s funny? what happened to “men get hurt too” or “men can be abused too”? i guess it doesn’t apply here, huh 🤨? this is why men’s feelings are overlooked


boosie is so fucking weird how and why could anyone possibly be a fan of him


Really wish I could unsee boosie’s live..



When we fin get #Boosie tf outta here,payed a grown woman to give his 12yo some dome now he tell his son to look at the coochie..would u do that? Weirdos, stop movin the goal post and stay consistent with the accountability. Right is right and wrong is wrong period #nograyarea


I’d be more concerned for undue influence on children in the presence of Lil Boosie than the gay agenda…


@_Fastmoneycj Y’all keep hollering he 18 but Boosie has been doing this with his kids since they were Pre-teens and openly admitted to doing it. This shouldn’t be normalizied because he’s a guy. When it comes to a female, y’all have a total different standard. Y’all be ready to call the female


Y’all keep saying he’s 18 but it’s not about his age tbh , it’s about how Boosie been doing this since tootie was young but if that was his daughter the comments would’ve been way different, but since tootie is a boy its so normalized . https://t.co/KJanBkkeUH


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