‘Bron, You Gotta Get One Of These’ — LeBron James Goes From Being In Awe At Nike Buildings On Campus As A Teen To Now Having His Own

His heart posture was no different as he would enter large buildings dedicated to those who had cemented their legacy. Even by the ages of 17 and 18, James already believed one day he would also have a building created in the legacy he was going to forge in the league and beyond.

“I mean, you remember in my younger days I used to walk around here and we used to go to Bo to train. You know, we used to be in Mia Hamm, we used to be in Michael’s building, you know, doing meetings and things of that nature. And I used to always walk through those hallways and have these meetings or work out on those courts and I’d be like, I’m getting me one of these,” James explained during the episode.

He continued: “First time I stepped on campus, I was 17, 18-years-old. I was like, Bron, you gotta get one of these. And, how are you gonna be different but inspiring at the same time than all the other athletes? Everyone has their own building because of what they contributed to not only the sport but also outside of their sport. But I wanted to have one man.” 

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