Bubblehead Paid $450K to Be Snoop Dogg’s Metaverse Neighbor as Imaginary Real Estate Prices Soar

Somebody in the metaverse really wants to meet Snoop Dogg in ‘imaginary life.’ An NFT collector recently paid nearly $450,000 to be the hip-hop icon and entrepreneur’s online neighbor.

According to Decrypt – Snoop is collaborating with The Sandbox, a decentralized metaverse game on Ethereum – to create the Snoopverse, which encompasses virtual lots and even an upcoming concert.

Snoop’s new neighbor paid nearly $71,000 SAND, the native token of The Sandbox, which is approximately $450,000. Two other lots in Snoop’s neighborhood are valued at 55,000 SAND and 67,000 SAND, $338,000 and $410,000 respectively, the India Times reported.

On Dec. 3 after the “Gin and Juice” MC learned about the hefty purchase, he tweeted “Won’t u be my neighbor.”

Two days prior, Snoop encouraged his online followers to “ENTER THA SNOOPVERSE,” touting early access passes that were about to go on sale.

Virtual real estate across the metaverse has been selling at very high prices. One buyer paid $4.3 million for digital land from Atari. Sandbox board member Mathieu Nouzareth told Decrypt Snoop “was immediately very interested” in working with them.

“We’re going to do multiple things with him,” Nouzareth said. “The next campaign is going to be around selling LAND with Snoop Dogg, and then we have this big concert. We sold 1000 tickets, and it’s coming early next year.”

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Land in the Snoopverse seems to be a hot commodity. One user said they tried to buy land as soon as it went up for sale but missed out.

Twitter user @Siberian_75 wrote “what the hell, i try to buy a LAND at the first second it was sold out instantly, i don’t understand how it’s possible and how to buy more faster ? Advices please ?”

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