Bun B May Be New To The Restaurant Industry, But He’s Already Sure Trill Burgers Will ‘Be Here For Generations To Come’

“A smash burger is a very laborious process in terms of actually cooking the burger. It takes a lot of attention,” said the rapper, who is one-half of the legendary rap duo UGK alongside the late Pimp C.

He added, “The burger that we created in partnership with this Pepsi Dig In program is a lot easier to execute in the kitchen. We didn’t want to create a product that would overwhelm the kitchen and so we created a steakhouse burger. Chef Mike Pham, who was the creator of the Trill Burger, created this burger and he took those things into consideration. So, he’s been able to create something that still has great flavor, a great culinary experience, and something that doesn’t overwhelm the kitchen.”

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