Burberry AW22 Pre-Collection -Fashion Trend Spotlight: The Return of Layering

Yes, we know we are about a year early, however, we are fashion fanatics and we could not pass up spotlighting the Burberry AW22 Pre-Collection! In it is plenty of trends, however; one that really caught our eye is… LAYERING. If done right, you look effortlessly cool, now, hip, blah blah a style queen. Nevertheless, if you presented incorrectly you can easily look like a frumpy ball of yarn. No bueno.

However, the Burberry Pre-Collection ad campaign does an amazing job at demonstrating how to pull off the layering trend the right way. Moreover, the designs give a modern flair to this classic trendy outfit; transforming it into something that’s fun, unique and a powerful style statement.

Burberry AW22 Pre-Collection-Fashion Trend Spotlight: The Return of Layering

Burberry’s fall/ winter collection pulls at eyesight lines with one simple rule: the longer pieces and garments go underneath. To help you visualize it, here are a few examples straight from the collection itself.


Burberry AW22 Pre-Collection




As the temps drop, we normally toss our skirts to the side. Especially, a mini one. However, Burberry says,”Wait a second HUNNY!” Like Burberry try layering a longer skirt underneath a shorter one. Problem solved!


Burberry AW22 Pre-Collection


Or check out this look. So you like your cute sweater, but it’s way colder outside, so you require more of a coat than a lighter piece of outwear. Well, once again… wear both! Remember, the longer design goes underneath. Therefore, put the thicker coat on; then add the sweater on top.

With this styling you will look edgy without even really having to try. Plus, you can dress up or down and apply the same cool rule. So then, what do you think… is this fall/winter look you would like to try?


Burberry AW22 Pre-Collection





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