California and Hawaii Chapters Of NAACP Step Into The Paint For Reparations

Chapters from California and Hawaii of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People recently held a reparations town hall during the California Hawaii State Conference. At the end of the session, they unanimously voted to endorse the work of the California Reparations Task Force.

Task force chair Kamilah Moore, member Rev. Amos Brown and CJEC member and activist Tiffany Quarles were presenters during the session.

“Thank you to the historic NAACP California Hawaii Conference (@cahinaacp) for hosting an amazing reparations townhall,” Moore tweeted on Saturday, Oct. 22. “At the end of the townhall, NAACP delegates unanimously decided to endorse and support the California Reparations Task Force!” 

In 2019, the national NAACP published a resolution officially stating its support of reparations for Black Americans.

In the resolution, the NAACP calls for “a national apology, rights to the cannabis industry, financial payment, social service benefits, and land grants to every descendant of an enslaved African American and Black person a descendant of those living in the United States including during American slavery until the Jim Crow era.”

Reparations activist Chad Brown, a member of the LA chapter of the National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants (NAASD), encouraged the national NAACP to specifically endorse the task force’s work and California’s Assembly Bill 3121.

“Excellent work! @DerrickNAACP we look forward to endorsement and support of the #AB3121 #CRTF by @NAACP National. #ReparationsNOW,” Brown tweeted.

PHOTO: Left to right: The NAACP’s Mike Davis starts session on California Reparations with Task Force Chair Kamilah Moore, member Rev. Amos Brown and activist Tiffany Quarles.

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