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Can Men Really Bald Gracefully?


Is balding gracefully really possible? While I do think this is a very mature statement, my experiences have shown that very few men truly believe this. Myself included.

I have heard many men publicly say that losing their hair isn’t a big deal. But in private, they generally confess that they wish they had more hair. If it was such a bad thing, why would we have those strong locks growing up anyway? Hair creates a frame for the face just as curtains on a window. I think some of us look better with more frame, others are ok with less. But if you could create the frame, why not get it?

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I see many men that are depressed to the point of taking medication or even considering taking their lives because they are balding. Once the “big man on campus”, now they are looking more like their dad while their non-balding friends still have a youthful appearance. I remember going into clubs in my late twenties and thinking to myself I looked like everyone’s dad. I am not sure if anyone else had this thought, but it did not matter because I was convinced it was true, because my hair was thinning.


Finally, after several years of thinking about my receding hairline at age 38, I had a hair transplant. This turned out to be a great decision. I looked much younger after the hair grew in providing a frame for my face. I have also seen the balding process

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