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Can you Get Pregnant With Fibroids?

can you get pregnant with fibroids

Pregnancy can have plenty of ups and downs, and there is plenty of talk and research on the difficulty of actually getting pregnant. There’s also lots of knowledge on the dangers of being a Black woman in America, pregnancy and childbirth. Here is the short, and simple answer to a common question – Can you get pregnant with fibroids?

Yes, you can!

According to the Cleveland Clinic, most fibroids don’t pose an issue, although it does depend on certain factors like the size and location of the fibroid. If anything, the doctor will closely monitor you throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you and the baby are safe.

This article goes more into depth with the answers to the common questions around fibroids and pregnancy. Despite this, fibroids can still pose difficulty, so it’s always best to go to your doctor so you can be treated accordingly to ensure a safe and healthy birth.

WATCH: What Is The Link Between Uterine Fibroids & Fertility? (Video)

Now, it is true that some fibroids can affect fertility, but there are a lot of treatment options, like myomectomy for example.

A myomectomy is a procedure that removes fibroids from the uterus to allow for an easier time to get pregnant or to alleviate other reproductive problems. Having a myomectomy might make you less likely to be able to deliver vaginally, so you may have to have a cesarean. 

Some women, especially younger ones, are not 

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