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Follow and learn about the Juicy story so far, from a humble idea to an innovative and inclusive project with over 4000 active members. When the vision of making the cannabis industry accessible to all was born the Juicy founders had spent several years of research and development to bring that idea to reality.

From 2012 until today the Juicy project has incorporated many partners and associate’s world wide to not only support grassroots community operations but to make those supporters a legitimate profit too.

Generate 35 to 60% return on income as passive income with legal medical cannabis.

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What does Portugal have that we love so much? The list is endless, but if you are up to date with the legal panorama of cannabis internationally, you can surely imagine why we love this land so much. So much so that we had to invite our Spanish ambassadors and potential e-growers to see what we are talking about with their own eyes.

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