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Choosing an appropriate gift for a family member, friend or partner is not always an easy task, although it can be made much easier if the person receiving the present grows or consumes cannabis as, in this case, there are many options available to us. A pack of your favorite seeds? A state-of-the-art grinder? Maybe something to hide the smell of the flowers? As we will see today, the possibilities are many and varied, so we hope that selecting your next gift will be easier thanks to this post.

It’s not only at Christmas that we like to give gifts (Photo: Elsa Olofsson)

Cannabis seeds

Without a doubt, some cannabis seeds can be a great gift for anyone who grows their own flowers. In addition, the price range is so wide that you are bound to find some interesting varieties within your budget and, of course, to suit the tastes of the person receiving the gift too. And be careful, because the latter is very important… gifting seeds is rather like giving someone some food, we must make sure that they will like it!

You wouldn’t give wine to someone who only drinks beer, would you? Or some wonderful ham to a vegetarian friend? Well, something similar happens with seeds… we are not going to give someone Kush genetics if they only smoke CBD, or an Indica variety if they only smoke Sativa. The best thing will be – if we don’t already know it – to find out what their tastes are and try to choose a variety that will appeal to them. Perhaps the person to whom we have to give the gift has a predilection for tropical flavoured weed, or for Diesel genetics… as they say, in matters of taste, there can be no disputes, and it will be up to us to discover what will be really interesting to this person.

In order to choose the definitive variety, remember that our Seed Selector can help you a lot in this task, since you will be able to filter our seed catalogue according to the characteristics you want until you find the perfct variety. We hope you get it right!

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Apart from seeds, which would be a classic gift for any grower, there are many other products and gadgets that can be a great gift for any cannabis grower. As long as they do not exclusively consume hashish or other resin concentrates, a flower grinder always works well, and there are some really spectacular models. From modern electric grinders to classic aluminum ones with pollinator to handcrafted ones made of wood, you are sure to find a model that you like and, of course, that fits your planned budget. Here are several options:


If the person receiving the gift to is a CBD consumer, you already have another good vein to exploit, since there are many suitable products with CBD on the market: oils, capsules, ointments and creams, cosmetic products… even pure CBD extractions! Above all, and especially if we talk about oils and capsules, the important thing will be to know the concentration of CBD that the recipient normally uses; Keep in mind that an oil that is somewhat less powerful than the one they normally take (they can simply take a few more drops) will always be better than one with a higher concentration. Here are some of the best-selling products in this category:

Many people use CBD-rich cannabis oils and tinctures to alleviate their ailments (Photo: Kimzy Nanney)
Many people use CBD-rich cannabis oils and tinctures to alleviate their ailments (Photo: Kimzy Nanney)

Anti-odour bags

As anyone who has had minimal contact with cannabis knows that it’s a plant that can give off a really powerful smell, which can be easily noticeable from some metres distance. For this reason, an anti-odour bag or purse can be a magnificent gift, because apart from being an elegant way to store the buds that we are going to consume, it prevents us from leaving a trail of smell like a scared skunk. You can find all kinds of models and prices, from large-capacity sports bags to backpacks or purses. It’s also an interesting gift so that those who love stinky cheeses like Cabrales or Vieux-Boulogne don’t spoil all the food in your fridge! As you will see, there are many options to choose from:

Trays and smoker boxes

Another very practical alternative for all smokers is the trays or boxes for rolling and storing all the necessary utensils for this vital task. Perhaps the person to whom you have to give a gift can never find papers, filters, or the lighter… now that problem will be solved with these trays and smoker boxes! Ideal for having all our stoner bits and pieces close at hand and in order, we will also avoid leaving a trail of debris and small pieces of cannabis on the table or wherever we go. There are even models with a built-in light!

The spectacular Runtz Glow Tray
The spectacular Runtz Glow Tray


Although a good vaporiser may be a bit out of your budget for such a gift, keep in mind that there are plenty of vaporiser accessories that can be extremely useful to the user. Replacement batteries, bubblers for vaporisers, atomisers, mouthpieces, screens, cleaning kits… there are endless options for all kinds of users and in a wide price range. Of course, you must take into account the issue of compatibility and make sure you kow what vaporiser they have (brand and model) if you are going to gift an accessory.

Vacuum jars

You might be a little tired of the intense smell of your partner’s flowers, or maybe you’ve noticed that your friend makes comments at home about it from time to time. Well, here’s an idea that will solve this problem and one that’s always a useful gift: vacuum jars and bags. Thanks to them, aromatic buds can be stored without their smell permeating the entire room, something very practical and that can sometimes save us from embarrassing situations.

The Smokus Focus pot has 4 compartments, a magnifying glass on the lid and a light to illuminate the flowers, as well as being anti-odour
The Smokus Focus pot has 4 compartments, a magnifying glass on the lid and a light to illuminate the flowers, as well as being anti-odour

Cannabis edibles

If the person you want to give something to is a cookery fanatic, you have a lot of things to choose from when it comes to selecting a gift. These days, you can find many cannabis-related culinary products that are sure to be a novelty in their kitchen. From cocoa powder with hemp to paste or seed oil, you will surely find a product to please this special person.


It may also be that, apart from their love for cannabis, this person also grows their own vegetables. If so, a seed kit would make a great gift that they’re sure to enjoy, both during cutivation and once on the table. Who doesn’t like to eat produce from their own garden? In addition, these kits already come with the containers, the substrate, and the fertilisers, so it couldn’t be easier! Here are some options:

Of course, we could continue this list until we get bored, but that’s not what it’s all about, right? If you have not yet found the ideal gift for this person, we invite you to browse our website, where we have thousands of products and we are sure that you will find something ideal for him or her. Whatever you end up giving them, we hope they likes it and enjoys it.

Happy gifting!

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