Casa Poesia Glamping: Switzerland’s Black-Owned Luxury Pop-Up Glamping Site

Outside Switzerland’s Vitznauerhof Boutique Hotel is a pop-up glamping site that happens to be Black-owned. Casa Poesia Glamping was created by art and visual designer Lucia Viana.

It was an idea of hers that was initially sparked by her very own birthday celebration.

“This all started in a very personal way. My boyfriend asked me, ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ but we’re in the middle of the pandemic and our baby was also seven month old at the time. I told him we can’t go anywhere, so why don’t we just camp in our garden?” she told Travel Noire during an interview.

He agreed, and she started looking for tents for her birthday party in their beautiful garden. It was an idea that her friends loved so much, and what happened next took her by surprise.

Black-owned Glamping Switzerland
Photo Credit: Lucia Viana

“People started asking me, ‘can I come spend the night?’ and I thought that was a great idea so, I put it on Airbnb last year,” she added.

The popularity of the tents is what started Casa Poesia Glamping.

“Poesia in Portuguese means poems. Casa Poesia means ‘House of Poems.’ When I had this tent in my garden, I was spending time there reading, writing, and removing myself from life. It was really nice to immerse myself in the calmness.”

That serenity and peace are what Lucia wants guests to experience at her glamping tents located in Lucerne, Switzerland: a city known for its beautiful lake and stunning mountain panorama.

Black-owned Glamping Switzerland
Photo Credit: Lucia Viana

She has two tents at Hotel Vitznauerhof that you can book called the “Explorer” and “Safari.” Both tents come with everything to make you feel like you’re in paradise no matter if you’re inside the tent or enjoying the outdoors.

“The tents are in two different locations on the hotel property. With the Explorer, you will be situated in the forest of the hotel, where you will hear the birds and trees moving in the wind. With the Explorer, you really remove yourself from where you are. It’s a retreat back into nature. The Safari is also in the garden, but you don’t have the surrounding trees. I named it Safari because it’s located on the part of the hotel that gets a lot of sun. If you book this one, people tend to hang out more by the lake and more of the surroundings by the hotel.”

Black-owned Glamping Switzerland
The Explorer| Photo Credit: Lucia Viana

Inside the tents, you will find everything you need for optimal relaxation, including a robe, slippers, a comfortable bed, hammocks, and even outdoor furniture.

And to bring more glamour to glamping, Lucia and her team partnered with the hotel so guests can benefit from the hotel’s room service or menus from the Michelin, and Gault Millau recognized chef team.

According to a description of the experience, The Vitznauerhof Spa Team has also created a wellness activity called “Heaven and Earth” for glamping guests described as an “extraordinary spa experience under the tree canopy.”

Black-owned Glamping Switzerland
The Safari | Photo Credit: Lucia Viana

Casa Poesia takes a sustainable approach and each tent is equipped with the most necessary sanitary installations with electricity and water connections.

“There’s running water so, you can take a bath, but we recommend the amount of water to use in the bathtub. We also use a sustainable toilet, which is really important to me,” Lucia told Travel Noire.

For more information on how to book this experience, click here.

As for what’s next, Lucia plans to open a hotel of tents in Switzerland within the next few years.

Black-owned Glamping Switzerland
Photo Credit: Lucia Viana

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