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Healthy Organic Fitness offers premiere and organic CBD products. We are Healthy Organic Fitness and we are an e-franchise of HT Wellness where we sell their awesome CBD products. All of our items are natural and organic and made with love out of our kosher facility. Our items promote health and wellness and alternatives for those who do not wish to take chemicals.

Our tinctures are one of our best sellers. We have products for everyone and for pets. We offer products in wellness, skin care, CBD for pets, CBD teas, Performance, and also products for sensual pleasure.

We also now offer some delta 8 products which are selling like hot cakes. We’re offering our non-alcoholic sangria, non-alcohol rum, lit lemonade, and chocolates that have delta 8 and sure to have you feeling calm and good.

We’ve definitely been getting some good feedback with the pet products, vapes, and the skin care line.

Three Reasons to enjoy our products:
1. We carry amazing Natural & Organic products.
2. CBD Alternatives to alleviate pain.
3. Provide quality products for pets, skincare, & wellness amongst others.

Experience the benefits CBD provides. Experience Healthy Organic Fitness!

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No Alcohol, just weed! Calling all rum lovers! Check out one of our newest products!Non-alcoholic Chocolate Rum 🍹!  It’s a delicious rum with a hint of chocolate. Buy Now

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