Complete Guide to Flatten, Tone and Firm Up That Tummy!

Raise your hand if you want a Trim Waist and you want it right now! Yes Baby, that is the right attitude and in this FITNESS GUIDE we are going to disclose exactly what you have to do to make it happen.

There will be videos, cheat sheets, diet and nutrition tips and even product suggestions (hey, if you decide to buy, do know we get a small cut of the action) and so much more! If you are ready to put in the work then scroll on and get to toning, firming and flattening that tummy once and for all!

Trim Waist: Complete Guide to Flatten, Tone and Firm Up That Tummy

Honestly, we are glad you are here today, because real talk… Belly fat is the most dangerous fat there is. And trust, we’re not talking about the belly fat that lies on top of your stomach muscles. What we are referring to is the subcutaneous fat that lies around the organs in your abdominal area. THIS fat is much harder to get rid of.

If you want to destroy that fat in your middle and stay healthy, then this is the fat you will need to target. The best part is, if you aim to rid yourself of subcutaneous tummy fat; you will also simultaneously target that fat on top of your belly too!

Right off the Bat, There’s some Flat Ab Helpers You Can Work and Sneak Into Your Lifestyle:

Flat Abs Cheat Sheet

  • Eat as close to no sugar in order to raise your glucagon.
  • Diet comes first.
  • Chew your food.
  • Take up boxing.
  • Use a stability ball to flatten abs.
  • Laugh it up to tone those abs.
  • Snack wisely.
  • Avoid consuming a lot of salt.
  • Hold in your stomach.
  • Drink water.


Trim Waist


We’ll go into major details on all of the above, in just a second. But, we must stress the importance of exercise. It is key.

Muscle burns fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat even when the body is at rest. There’s no such thing as spot reduction (unfortunately lol). So if want a trim waist, exercise is your BFF.

With exercise you will not only look better, but you will feel better and that confidence of yours is just going to soar even higher. Therefore, first step… have the right attitude. You WILL have to workout and you MIGHT have to adjust your diet if necessary.

However, you do not have to kill yourself in a gym or starve yourself to get results. Read that sentence again if you need to beloved. Always remember that the right and proper routine can give you a great workout; and help you meet and reach all your goals.

Did you know? One of the leading contributors to belly fat is a high level of cortisol. So then, if you have a high level of cortisol, which is a stress hormone; it makes you more prone to easily packing on stomach fat. Bummer.

So… pick your fighter. Exercise, or particularly anything that makes you relax, will help you reduce cortisol and increase the number of feel good hormones, endorphins. When you shift these hormones, it makes it easier to lower cortisol levels, burn the fat and keep it off.

If you have five minutes, check out Black Girl Slim as she helps you work your core and lose unwanted belly fat!

Trim Waist Fat: Best Way to Burn Fat on Treadmill -Flat Abs Without Sit-Ups!

What is the best way to burn fat on treadmill? INCREASE YOUR RATE OF ELIMINATION. You see, there are at least five different treadmill workout techniques you can utilize in order to get the best bang for your workout buck. PLUS… there are several awesome treadmill exercise benefits you will get to enjoy along the way too!

Besides, melting away unwanted pounds, if done correctly you can set yourself on the path of toning up your middle. Yes, without ever lying down to do a sit-up you can begin to shrink down your mid-section. How… and by doing what? Simple… by learning how to walk or run in the right way on your treadmill. More on that in just a second.

Nevertheless… Seriously, is this not a win? If you have ever loathed pulling out a yoga mat and performing reps of ab work; then the video in today’s fitness post is definitely for you. Therefore, say goodbye to endless crunches and hello HONEY to working out smarter.

In the following video you will see five workout tips proven to help you flatten your stomach during your treadmill workouts. Not only will you see a difference in your abs; these tips will help you burn those pesky unwanted extra pounds. So scroll on and get started in getting rid of that fat!


Waist Trimming Exercises: Russian Twist for Abs- This One Move Targets Every Core Muscle!

Ok Babes it is time to finally get those abs everyone will be jealous of this year! How? Incorporate this Russian twist for abs move into your workout and you will see amazing results! Here are just a few of the many benefits you can experience from performing this exercise:

  • Work the whole abdomen.
  • Strengthen back due to the position of it during the exercise.
  • Stronger obliques and abdominal muscle, thus helping to prevent slouching for improved posture.
  • Trim waistline and eliminate love handles.

As you can see, from this move you can expect some serious sexy mid-section results. Well, that’s if you do it in the right way. Russian twists can’t just be performed in a haphazard, lazy way. You could hurt yourself. So then, correct form is super important. No worries, because we asked the fitness pros to give us directions on how to this russian twist exercise right; and now we are going to share it with you!

Exercise to Trim Waist: Russian Twist for Abs (Continued)

Ready to tone every muscle in your core? Great let’s do the Russian Twist workout!

  1. Start off by sitting on the floor while bringing your legs out straight.
  2. Next, slowly lean back so that your torso as well as legs form a V-shape. Keep stomach in to make sure your core is engaged.
  3. While balancing your “V-Shape”, twist your torso from side to side without moving your legs at all. Just more from your core.
  4. Move slowly from side to side and always remember to breathe (Lol). Keep your core engaged throughout the exercise.

That’s it. Main points is to maintain a V-like shape while keeping your core engaged. How many reps should you aim for? Try to perform 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Still need a little help knowing how to do this move? Check out the following videos. The first one is a dude who’s showing guys how to do it. But we swear, his mechanics are great and it will work for us girls too.

Trim Waistline: Flat Abs- 10 Tips That Actually Work

POV: So you’re on the couch eating that third slice of pizza and Normani, Zendaya, Chloe x Halle or India Love pops up on your feed. Dang that pepperoni and sausage… Why must you taste so good!? If you’ve ever had a moment of I really need to make my butt do a sit-up. Trust us you are not alone (Lol). Also, just because its summer don’t think its to late to make a change. You can have Flat Abs year-round and here’s 10 Tips That Actually Work.

She Got Cake

No we not talking about assets we mean the stuff of the sugar persuasion. It may taste good but it will not give you flat abs. Moreover, there is a simple reason why not.

One word… insulin. Insulin makes it harder for fat to disappear. Instead of insulin you want more glucagon. Glucagon is a hormone that consumes fat that is then used as energy. Therefore, the less insulin means the higher your glucagon. Eat the smallest amount of sugar you can and your level of glucagon will rise.

Order of Operations

Some things are more important than others. For instance, when it comes to having flat abs diet always should be in first place. With flat abs the order of operations is as follows: Diet, Cardio, Strength Training, Ab Training.

Toning abs is last? Yes, only 5 minutes of ab training three days a week is needed. What about cardio and strength training? 15 minutes of strength training and 20-30 minutes of cardio will get you serious results! The most important aspect to watch is what you eat. Spend time thinking about the food you consume and you will have flat abs faster than you think!

I’m All The WAY Up!

Seems simple but most don’t chew their food all the way up before swallowing. If you don’t chew your food right then your food will not be properly digested. Moreover, food that is not digested properly can lead to gas and bloat. A bloated stomach is not a flat one. So always make sure your food is chewed all the way up!

Flat Abs 10 Tips That Actually Work to Trim Waist (Continued)



Have a Ball

Tone and flatten those abs with the help of a stability ball. Simple exercise: Lie flat on the floor holding a stability ball in your hands above your head. Bring the ball and your legs towards your chest. Place the ball between your legs and lower legs until the ball touches the floor. Return to start position and repeat. Do 12 reps at least three times a week.

Talk to a Comedian

Did you know laughter can give you flat abs? Every time you crack up you make your abs stronger. Laughing actually tones and strengthens your midsection. So then, talk to your funniest friend or spend time on the Gram reading memes. Your abs will thank you.

Tick Tock

To balance your blood sugar and boost your metabolism eat a snack between 3 and 4 p.m. However, this does not mean you reach for a candy bar or grab bag. Instead aim for a snack that has protein. Eating a protein snack during this hour of the day will help keep your blood sugar in check.

Remember earlier when we mentioned insulin? Insulin is the culprit behind you storing fat in your midsection. The lower your blood sugar the lower your insulin will be. You can keep a nice balance by eating every few hours.  Furthermore, don’t forget your mid-afternoon snack!

Salt N’ Neva

Unless you like the puffy round the middle look you should avoid salt. Salt causes you to retain fluids and extra water weight won’t give you flat abs. Do your stomach a favor and reduce your salt intake.

Suck It Up

Throughout the day suck in that gut! As you walk around and perform other daily activities you will also be sculpting your abs. It’s a simple ab engaging exercise that will go along way. Best of all it can be performed anywhere at anytime!

Straight Flush

When it comes to getting flat abs water is truly your friend. Drinking more water will help your body get rid of bloat. The results of this tip may not be noticeable right away. However, in time it will pay major dividends.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer -Burn Off the Fat Even Faster!

Relax, this is not the same as corset training. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is a fitness accessory that helps encourage your body to sweat more and melt that middle right off! How?

The science is simple. Waist trimmers wrap around your midsection and as you work up a sweat it traps in heat. During the process you will experience localized water loss, thus making your middle smaller and tighter.

Now this device is not some magical wand where all you have to do is wear and healed! This is a supplemental tool. You will still need to workout consistently and watch that diet. However, if you put in the hard work too, you will find that it is the perfect complement to your workout routines.

Want to give waist trimming with Sweet Sweat a try? Click on the images below:


Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Reviews

Sweet Sweat’s waist trimmer scores super high with fitness buyers! For instance, on retail online platform, AMAZON; this exercise accessory rates four and a half out of five stars! Plus, it is normal to have and see thousands of reviews for this brand. On one of their most popular products, Sweet Sweat boast over 24K comments and reviews. WOW.

However, you may wonder what people really think about this product. Here are a few of their thoughts:

You have to put in hard work too! 

Its the holy grail if you get the balm too. Saw this product in a viral tweet and I work out every day. 1 hour on the treadmill. This belly wrap with the balm they also sell really did something! Was down tow pounds just like that.

This is not an overnight fix. In the last 3 months I lost 3 inches in my stomach; and 1 1/2 inches in my waist. Was wearing this four times a week during my cardio exercise.

Perfect for cardio. Fits perfectly around waist and stays on while doing cardio.

Great product, I highly recommend this. I’ve had 4 pregnancies. You really do sweat a lot after use. This thing really does work, I’m not even kidding. With consistency you will see results.

Omg so I spent days debating whether or not to buy this. Let me just say this has been the best amazon purchase I have ever made. I always have difficulty sweating but now I drip in sweat!

Did not expect such great results!! It is just blowing my mind how much I have struggled with targeting fat on my belly under my loose skin (section) with healthier eating and workouts. While wearing this sweat band and the sweat gel enhancer, woah; its making noticeable progress.

Great tool to add to your workout routine. Definitely noticing a big difference in fat burning off faster around my waist! My jeans are getting a lot looser.

If you’re looking to sweat buckets, this is it!

Waist Trimmer Workout: Flat Stomach Exercise -Get Snatched in Just 10 Minutes!

Searching for a flat stomach exercise or two that will get your midsection completely snatched? Perfect! Since today we have are sharing yet another awesome video that will have your abs BURNING and TONING in just mere minutes!

So what’s the deal? Why is evading gut fat so difficult? Well, the thing is a lot of us are busy. We get it. You have school, work, a social life, you name it; and time so money.

Therefore, trying to sneak in a workout at times can feel like a real challenge. Well, fret no more and for goodness sake put away that “corset.” You can have slimmer, itsy-bitsy waist by doing the right exercises.

Nevertheless, you may fear that 10 minutes is not enough to help define your waist. However, trust us, it is. By doing the exercises in the video without resting in-between, you’ll get a little cardio in on top of strengthening your abs. Which we all know is a combination for success. You want to tone and then burn off the excess fat so that your beautiful abs can shine through.

Side Note: For even better results try to do 15-20 minutes of cardio or resistance training in addition to the 10 minute ab workout. Doing so will help to speed up results as well as encourage a slimming effect all over!

Waist Trimming Workout -For Flat Abs and Full Body Shaping

Feeling stuck in a fitness rut? It happens to the best of us but you can get yourself over the hill. One of the best ways to rejuvenate your fitness journey is by finding inspiration through others. Nevertheless, a model who is also known as a Golden Barbie recently revealed how she stays beautifully toned. Read on because Jasmine Sanders not only a great exercise for obliterating your gut, but also a full body shape up routine she does!

Jasmine Sanders works hard to ensure her body is always photo and runway ready. She opts for a fitness routine that will add definition to her entire bod. Think squats, lunges, cardio and a whole ton of ab work. Speaking of abs, need an exercise that will flatten and tone? Sanders shared this move:

“Here’s an example of one of my favorite workouts. This workout I am focusing on my core. First, get down in plank position with a medicine ball outside of your foot. Extend on leg up and to the opposite side of the medicine ball. I like to do 3 sets of 10.”

We tried it, it gets hard (Lol)! Nevertheless, if you really want to see that stomach go; you must think full body. Moreover, don’t believe any weight training lies you hear about women bulking up. You will not look like your BF if you pick up a weight. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner or a little weary still try the following exercise routine for women without weights. Alrighty dolls, here it is, Jasmine Sanders’ workout! Enjoy and keep striving for your dream body goals.

15 Squats with 20lb weight

10 Squats with 15lb weight

8 Squats with 12lb weight

10 lunges per leg with 10lb weight

10 Shoulder Press with 8lb weight

Remember to keep your core tight.

30 Sit-ups (feet on the floor)

40 Crunches (legs up)

20 Sit-ups right elbow to left knee/ left elbow to right knee

100 Crunches cross ankles at right angle

20 Leg raises

20 Kick backs

1 Mile on the elliptical between levels 3 and 6

Plank as long as you can. Time yourself and make sure you stretch!

Waist Trimmer Help The Natural Way



How would you like to widdle down your waist and create more curves naturally? You can! Nevertheless, right off the bat, we are not going to sugar coat ANY of this for you; the whole process will take work and of course, some time. However, through a combination of diet , conditioning as well as exercise you can achieve the body shape of your dreams. Read on to master the top ways to do natural waist training all without a corset.

That’s right you do not need some Medieval contraption in order to get a trim, slim waist. While strapping yourself up into a corset is the easy way out, it’s by far not the safest.

Actually, corsets can alter your precious body parts inside of you. There’s the possibility of ribs bending to angles that can contract the lungs. Also, the liver and stomach intestines can be forced down into areas they are not naturally supposed to be in. Scary.

So then, there has to be a safer way to get your body snatched. Yes, start by reducing your stress level and sugary food/drinks intake. Additionally, eat foods rich in fiber and eat more protein. Why more protein? It can reduce cravings and boost metabolism. As one can see, diet is crucial to slimming your mid-section.

Furthermore, as mentioned you have to be willing to put in WORK. Therefore, if you are committed and determined you CAN achieve great results for your waist.

Trim Waist Tips- Help The Natural Way (Continued)

Get ready to show off that dime piece body by doing these moves and exercises. Here’s why you should do:

1. Planking-Keep stomach sucked in for even more benefits! This exercise is one of the best you can do for core conditioning. It’s an ideal move because it engages all of the major core muscle groups. Moreover, as a cool bonus, you will also be working your glutes, hamstrings while improving back support as well as posture.

2.Russian Twists– This exercise targets the obliques and abdominals thus slimming your middle. The twisting motion firms muscles on your sides while whittling your waist. It’s like a corset just with exercise! By doing this exercise regularly you will soon notice a smaller, toned midsection.

3. Cardio using Stair Climber/Stationary Bike (With Back Upright)-These machines will help you burn fat right off your waist area. Don’t have these machines available? That’s fine, just get up and walk then. Not a slow walk, but really work up to being able to push yourself to a nice brisk walk. Cardio alone will not get rid of stomach fat, but it really aids in helping you shed and burn fat off there as well as other areas of your body.

4. Side Crunch and Bicycle Crunches -These two moves will help you get rid of the dreaded muffin top syndrome.



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