Correct Past Mistakes, Premature Aging + Sun Damage!

Can you fix all of your mistakes? Better yet, would you like the knowledge to be able to? Shoot… All of us would simply love a time machine that would allow us to correct past beauty “sins” that are now causing discoloration, acne scarring; premature aging and other damaged skin problems from the sun.

We are sure you are like many of us who now find ourselves staring intensely into a mirror; beginning to see your pores and how those 3am tequila shots, going to bed with makeup on, college all-nighters and non-existent skincare routines are starting to bite you in the butt! However, the truth is, there is no DOC as well as no 80mph car to take us back to put money on the Cubbies and prevent bad skin habits. Bummer.

However, if you start now… like right now… you can undo some of the damage! In this article we are going to explore some of the options available to help fix damaged skin. Everything from skincare products, to even what specific vitamins you will need.

Skin Damage Repair Home Remedies: How to Fix Years of Damaged Skin from Bad Habits

We are not going to kid you… the Fountain of Youth does not exist, despite there being tons of improvements in technology. However, even if you have not been the best at caring for your skin, you can help things improve for the better!

It starts with your lifestyle. The next phase of your life you will now have to be a little more committed to the health and state of your skin. This means making changes.

We know hard work is never easy, however, the real question is… how much do you really want nicer skin? If you REALLY want to see your skin looking beautiful, then you MUST do the following home skincare methods to your best abilities.
  • Get Rest -It’s Tough! School, work and life in general leaves little time for rest at times. But not getting enough “Z’s” can eventually wreak havoc on your skin AND lead to premature aging. So hit the sack for at least 6-8 hours a night.
  • Retinoids -Use these in your skincare routine at night. Not only can they help with anti-aging and smoothing wrinkles; they also possess compounds that speed up the turnover as well as shedding of pigmented cells and stimulate collagen growth.
  • Exercise -Aim to get around 30 minutes of a workout in on most days of the week. Not only will this lead to a smoking hot BAWDY, but you will improve circulation to the skin.
  • Diet and Nutrition– Help fix your skin from the inside, out! Be sure to eat foods rich in Vitamin C daily to help restore damaged skin.
  • Drink Tons of Water– We have heard this a million times and most of us still don’t consume enough each day.
  • Protect Yourself– Everyday apply sunscreen or protect your skin with appropriate clothing to shield and give your skin UV protection.
  • Go Deep– Daily apply a face serum that will penetrate deep into the skin in order to nourish and restore the skin.
  • Exfoliate -Your skin naturally turns over cells, however help the process by gently exfoliating skin twice a week. Getting rid of dead skin cells can reveal fresher, smoother and more radiant skin.
  • Clean Up -Use clean sheets and pillowcases and wipe your phone clean too. These all can quickly harbor bacteria, debris and dirt that can clog your pores. So change out your sheets regularly and wipe down your phone often as well.
  • Know Your Skin -If your pores tend to get clogged, try using non-comedogenic skin care products; these are products formulated not to clog your pores.

Recover Skin -The BIG 3 to Never Forget


Damaged Skin


If you have done a lot of damage over the years, do not get discouraged. Many of us have (Lol) and are not learning how to treat our skin better. Really there are only three big things to remember when it comes to fixing damaged skin.

You can reverse skin damage in three main ways:

  • Turning Over Skin Cells
  • By Stimulating Collagen
  • Adding Volume

Yes, you could go to a pricey dermatologist and get a procedure to accomplish the above. Or you can learn how to do all three on your own. Truly make your lifestyle so that not only will your skin improve; but you will be able to maintain the results for years to come.

The easiest way to help turn over new skin cells, is through the process of exfoliation. Mainly choose to utilize a gentle scrub to help buff off any dead cells. Furthermore, you could also try a cream exfoliant. A cream exfoliant is exactly what it sounds like; it is a moisturizer or cream that contains a chemical exfoliant. With regular use you will be able to get rid of dead skin cells without ever having to scrub or use a hand mitt.

Some Cream Exfoliants You Might like To Try:

*Do know if you purchase one, we will receive a small percentage.* (Just click on the images to learn more!)

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate


Repair Skin on Face -Collagen and Volume

Nevertheless, when it comes to restoring collagen in the face, there are a number of things you can do. For one thing, stay hydrated! Drink tons of water, good fluids and eat hydrating foods like watermelon. Also, apply collagen and Vitamin C creams in order to amp up production. Moreover, another natural method to try is facial massage. Massaging the skin helps not only to strengthen muscle memory (translation, keep your face tight and less wrinkling); but also stimulate collagen production.

Lastly, it’s time to put the volume back into your skin. Youthful skin, naturally looks plump and “full.” We lose this as we age or if we are not taking care of ourselves as well. To regain some volume in the skin do not rely on skin creams alone.

Facial exercise can help to add a nice natural tone to the face and give off a more youthful appearance. Also, eat more apples, honey and aloe. Additionally, you can apply rose water, glycerin, aloe, honey and apple to the skin for more volminizing benefits.

Furthermore, never underestimate the power of Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient is a humectant. Meaning it can make the skin appear plumper while preserving and maintaining moisture! In fact, just one little molecule of Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1000X its weight in water!

Yes, naturally aging and other factors like genetics can be major causes of face volume loss. However, by keeping stress low and aiding the body in collagen and volume production; you can soon be seeing some amazing results.

Reverse Sun Damaged Skin -You’ve Got Time!



We’ve all been lied to. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit harsh. The best way to put things is that when it comes to skin damage for decades we’ve been fed a fairytale; and many us aren’t experiencing the lasting beauty ride into the sunset ending. Truth is, in the arena of prevention SPF is simply not enough. Which is why today we are sharing hardcore facts we learned at the recent DNA RENEWAL Panel event held in Los Angeles; and what YOU can do about it. If you care about your skin and it’s appearance in any way; we highly recommend that you keep reading.

For years, it has been drilled into the minds of one and all that SPF was the savior and perverbial “Prince Charming” on a white horse when it came to going out into the sun. All you had to do was slather on this skincare knight in shining armor and you are good to go. Right?

Wrong. Oh so very wrong. For starters, there are a lot of products out there with a very low SPF that is basically… well, useless.

A product with a SPF of 15 is not only a time waste; but it won’t actually do very much in terms of protecting your skin from the sun. It’s such a laughable non-factor; that you might as well as have just walked outside without any of it on in the first place. Ouch.

While that may be a new thought to some, or may lean towards the arena of disbelief. It’s better for you, your skin and overall health for that SPF myth to be debunked. If you’re going to buy a SPF product, please for all things skincare holy; purchase a product that contains a HIGH SPF.

Damaged Skin: Correct Past Mistakes, Premature Aging + Sun Damage

Skin sun damage is one of the most common problems faced by us all. As a person grows older, the amount of sun exposure increases making the problem even worse. Aging, combined with free radical damage causes collagen to be broken down and dysfunctional. Melanocytes (skin pigment producing cells) become hyperactive and produce large volumes of melanin which results in age spots, wrinkles and other types of pigmentation. The problem of aging also increases with exposure to the UV rays from the sun.

How do we prevent or repair skin sun damage? First of all, if you don’t want brown spots and other discoloration to your skin, you need to protect it. The sun provides a number of environmental hazards to your skin, including UVA and UVB rays. Aim to stay indoors when there is not much shade available; and to ALWAYS (like seriously, no negotiation) use appropriate sunscreen lotion to protect your skin against these UV rays.

Sun Damage Treatment -Give Your Skin a Hand

The best way to repair skin sun damage is through antioxidants. What is an antioxidant and how may they help your skin? Well, these are molecules, small lipids or amino acids that neutralize the free radicals in your body.

You see… When you are younger, you have PLENTY of antioxidants flowing in your body. But as you get older, unfortunately, not so much. With age, these antioxidants become depleted; resulting in a series of skin aging symptoms.

However, Antioxidants help prevent further aging skin damage by repairing free radical damage! Best part, is that there are foods rich in antioxidants that can help with anti-aging and benefit your skin. Here are a few to consider:

  • Papaya
  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Watercress
  • Nuts
  • Blueberries
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Dark Chocolate

It is a very good idea to include Fruit, Dark Chocolate and Vegetables in your diet so that they can supply vitamins as well as antioxidants to your skin to protect it from not just sun damage, but free radicals. This level of protection will help keep your skin looking more radiant and younger!

Repairing Sun Damaged Skin -What You Can Use

Another way of repairing sun damage is through the use of skin care products. This is a great option because you can not only correct issues on a deeper level; but help prevent further harm. Moreover, you may be surprised to learn that there is a wide array of options out there for you to choose from.

There are many creams, lotions, and sun protection SPF (sun protection factor) products available in the market today. However, not all of them work effectively. Some actually contain up blockers, which prevent uvb rays from damaging skin. But if you still want brown spots or other pigmentation removal, then it is advisable to go for a product that contains vitamin E.

Why vitamin E? This vitamin helps to protect against pollution exposure, cell mutation caused by the sun; and extra protection against acute UVB damage. Even though Vitamin E does not have sunscreen action itself; it sure does do wonders for the skin if you need something extra.

Restore Skin : Is Melanin at Risk of Developing Sun Damage?


Damaged Skin


Yada, yada, but I’m dark skin. That’s great, and your melanin skin is gorgeous, yet if you want to keep it that why you have to realize it is not invincible. Melanin does provide some defense, but darker skin still requires overall protection.

Moreover, due to environmental pollution; our planet’s atmosphere, landscape and weather has literally changed for the worse. This change is resulting in hotter temps, drier regions and even harsher risks from sun exposure.

While melanin skin does provide a “level” of protection from the sun naturally; climate change and a diminishing ozone layer is rapidly changing that. Meaning everyone regardless of their skin tone is equally at risk of becoming a person with skin damage. Therefore, everyone really must start thinking about taking precautions to protect themselves; by fixing any harm or damage done to their skin… even without their knowledge.

Skin Care for Sun Damaged Skin -What You Can Use (Continued)

There is also a type of skin cream called phototherapy that uses UV-B rays in combination with a type of skin moisturizer. This method uses a combination of UVB rays and a type of powerful sunscreen called a secondary free radical inhibitor (SRI). As the SRI slows down the speed of free radical formation, the amount of damage caused by these particles to the skin is lessened.

Nevertheless, do note that most sunscreen lotions and creams have SRI ingredients. However, it is still wise to remember that a sunscreen that contains more than SPF 15 will not necessarily provide you with complete protection. Therefore, what is the best choice for effective protection?

The best choice of a sunscreen is one with both broad spectrum UVB protection and a high level of zinc oxide content. It is important to choose a sunscreen lotion with a natural SPF of at least 15. Avoid those with harmful ingredients such as parabens and fragrances. Also, look for a sunscreen lotion containing titanium dioxide, which is known for its photo-carcinogenic properties. And look for a sunscreen lotion that contains no artificial preservatives, colors or fragrance.

Sun Damaged Skin on Face -The REAL Story and Solution

Treating damaged skin, is a year round issue; because it can occur under NUMEROUS circumstances. For instance, summertime is all about indulging in the great outdoors and that’s why it’s important to always keep your skin protected with a broad-spectrum SPF. Nevertheless, even then, it’s easy to fall short and come home with a newly formed sunburn.

A sunburn is direct DNA damage in the skin which presents itself in the form of: pain, redness; and inflammation that we see and feel. So how do you really treat the heart of a sunburn (damaged skin!) and not just it’s symptoms?

Dr. Moy, one of the world’s leading Dermatologists, Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation; and founder of DNA Renewal Skincare; has devoted over 25 years of clinical research and science into the study of skin cancer and how to prevent and treat it. So when it comes to a sunburn, we enlisted Dr. Moy to share the powerful efficacy of DNA Repair Enzymes. Plus, explain their role in repairing damaged DNA, both new and old.

However, is this needed among those with melanin skin? One word: YES! In 2010, a CDC study found that 13% of black women and 9% of black men reported getting at least one sunburn in a year.

While those numbers seem low, the fact is that darker skin tones were STILL experiencing sunburns and damage. Fast forwarding almost 10 years later and the number is only rising. Why?

The environment. Damage to our ozone among other things is causing harsher sun exposure. Therefore, it is important for everyone, regardless of skin tone; to take necessary precautions.

Sun Damage Removal

So then, what’s the answer? How can one fix skin damage? Let’s let Dr. Moy answer that. He states,

“DNA repair enzymes such as photolyase and T4-endonuclease (made from algae, plankton, and mustard green plant) have been shown to be the best ingredients to repair a sunburn because they heal sun damage at a quicker rate and decrease the immunologic mediators that cause sunburn inflammation.” – Dr. Moy

Well, now that you know, you probably are in need of some new products for your skin. The right products can make all the difference. One of the brands that we definitely have to tip our glasses of champagne to is DNA RENEWAL. This company is FULLY on board  in the creation of products to help reverse skin damage that has already taken place.

Scroll down to learn more about superior sunscreen and the ultimate sunburn relief mask to speed up recovery by DNA RENEWAL.

Restoring Mask $85
Infused with DNA repair enzymes and a cooling effect when first applied, this mask can be used on face and body immediately after a sunburn to help accelerate the healing process. The enzymes have a direct anti-inflammatory response by suppressing the immune factors that cause inflammation helping your skin feel tame and more comfortable post-sun. Vitamin C & E refreshes and restores skin.

Delivers instant hydration, in order to improve the texture and appearance of skin. Works to minimize fine lines with DNA Repair Enzymes; and Vitamins E and C for maximum sun damage protection and repair.

Formulated to reduce the toll nature takes on your skin for an instantly refreshed, healthy and glowing appearance. Helps boost cellular renewal for instant glow while eliminating dullness.

Skin Repair -Fixing Damaged Skin with DNA Renewal

We have talked extensively about SPF in this article. How DNA Renewal also makes one that includes enzymes that quietly work to repair the dermis! It is called the:

DNA Sheer Defense SPF 50+ $75
A Derm-approved dual-action SPF made with a UVA/UVB protecting formula and DNA repair enzymes to help protect skin from environmental factors while healing damaged skin simultaneously. DNA repair enzymes can even help repair skin damage that may have started many years ago in childhood and works to quickly repair any newly formed damage.

Main Product Points:

  •  Broad spectrum, with advanced UVA protection
  • Micro-fine zinc
  • Helps shield against photo-damaged
  • Can reverse past and current sun damage with DNA repair enzymes

Whew! A sigh of relief to know such products exist right? It’s never too late to start making improvements. Can you reverse the hands of time and completely get back your age 12 baby skin? Nope, BUT you can begin to make MAJOR improvements that will still make you a sexy; “Omg how did she/he get such flawless skin” head-turner. So let’s dive into that a bit.

Let’s face it, most of us have not been perfect with our skincare. We may have fallen asleep in makeup before, not worn a lick of SPF, consumed a poor diet; or have just been victims of changes in the environment due to pollutants or light from our tech devices. Damage can occur for a number of reasons and none of us have the power to stop Father Time. So then, having a brand at our arsenal that is capable to repair the skin on a deeper level is certainly magic in a bottle.

Repair Skin -Start Protecting It Right Now!

Is SPF useful? Higher SPF products will give your skin the best chance at receiving better protection. Nevertheless, there is still yet another problem (Lol). We know, we know… its like we are being the bearers of bad news only right now. However, the best skincare remedy still remains to be prevention. So the more you learn, the more truth out there; the safer all of our skin can be.

Nevertheless, back to the topic at hand. Yes, while higher SPF products are a great start; even those are still unfortunately quite limited in their capabilities. You see, most SPF still needs to be reapplied during the day. The issue with that is, how many of us are actually doing that?

Seriously, who diligently applies SPF every 2 hours? If you do, more power to you. However, a good chunk of us either forget or simply do not realize that these products are not an all day fix. They help for a limited time then you are back to square one. If you fail to reapply then you are back at Start on the Monopoly skin board.

How to Restore Skin -Start Protecting It! (Continued)

That’s just how powerful the sun is and why it’s necessary to take other measures besides just applying SPF. So what are these other measures? Also, are they very expensive?

First of all, there is one act of prevention that we all can engage in right now that will make a MAJOR difference. Best part it may not even cost you a dime. A hint: They’re probably hanging in your closet.

Ding ding, if you guessed clothes then you’ve won the prize of better protected skin! Yay! You see, clothes can help to provide a barrier between us and the sun.

Don’t believe? Well, have you ever gone to the beach or a pool party in a swim suit; only to notice that at the end of the day the skin that the suit covered is not as tan or baked? That is because that skin receives protection from the elements by the swim suit. Thus, proving the true value of using clothing to protect the skin.

Lastly, it’s also all about timing baby. What time you choose to be out and about can make a difference. At the recent beauty panel discussion we attended; every last expert agreed… from the hours of 12pm-3pm you should aim to stay out the sun. That is the block of time that skin is possibly most at risk at being damaged from sun exposure. And yes, this still applies to melanin skin.

Therefore, always protect your skin when you leave home. Also, exercise, drink water, rest, eat well and develop a strong skincare routine. If you do these things you will be able to repair damaged skin without having to turn back the hands of time!

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