Curly Haircare -The Ultimate Natural Hair Guide and Tips for Beautiful Hair!

Going natural means completely changing up your hair routine. Curly Haircare requires maintenance that you may not be used to doing. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to live the curly girl life if you know a few things ahead of time. To get you in the swing of things we have compiled the Best Curly Hair Tips!

Whether you are a beginner on your hair journey or advanced, these tips will help you achieve gorgeous curls! It does not matter if in the past, you had permed hair, colored it or if you straightened your hair with a flat iron; all of that goes out the window right now. However, before we get into the nitty-gritty do know this… Do not be fooled, curly hair is not about wash-and-go. After you cleanse those beautiful strands of yours more is needed to get those curls looking popping and spectacular!

Yet, if you are ready to put in the work and muscle, then get ready to live your natural hair dreams Honey. Furthermore, always remember that with curly hair, it is all about striking the right balance. Ringlets need the right amount of hydration, styling and protection against frizz or your curls will be lackluster. Therefore, what can be done to add life to strands?

Hot Oil Hair Treatment -Go Deep Baby!



Are you into hot oil treatments for hair? If not, you might want to start. Hot Oil can help benefit your hair in many ways. Some including:

  • Reduce Frizz
  • Fewer Split Ends
  • Increased Hair Strength
  • Reduce Dryness of Both Strands as well as the Scalp
  • Increase Blood Flow to the Scalp Which Can Help Promote Healthy Hair
  • Help With Hair Loss and Breakage

All the above, is SO necessary when it comes to having a head of good curls. Less frizz means more defined looking coils. Also, who doesn’t want more growth? If you keep your scalp healthy and reduce breakage, you will see amazing results in time!

It has been found that hot oil penetrates faster into the hair and scalp compared to normal oil. Which is yet another great reason to try this hair treatment. Therefore, you may opt for self-heating oils by various brands; or choose to simply heat your own hair oil mix until it is nice and warm. You do not want it to be steaming hot, just a little warm so that it penetrates better; and then once applied, give yourself a good hair massage, concentrating more on the scalp and roots.

Opt for coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil as they are of the closest composition to our natural hair oils. Which in nutshell means that they can absorb better into the scalp and hair. Your treatment should go like this:

  • Heat Oil
  • Apply Oil
  • Massage Scalp
  • Cover Hair with Plastic Cap or Saran Wrap
  • Leave Oil on for 15-30 Minutes
  • Rinse Out or Shampoo Out with Gentle Shampoo

Curly Haircare -The Ultimate Natural Hair Guide and Tips for Beautiful Hair


Curly Haircare


Hair growth always gives women a headache. Sometimes it can feel like strands are just not growing. Moreover, now that you are a curly girl that same feeling kind of intensifies.

Why does it seem like curly hair grows at a turtle’s pace? In reality it is not, that is just the perception. Since curly hair is all coiled up it looks shorter. It is what women have come to call “shrinkage.” Nevertheless, shrinkage does not paint the full picture very well.

Hair never stops growing. It is growing right now as y0u read these helpful tips. However, everyone’s hair growth cycle is different. This means some of us will grow more hair faster than others. Yet, with persistence and care everyone CAN grow their hair.

Every now and then perform a ringlet test in order to gauge your progress. Gently pull one coil straight to see how long it is and take a picture. As time goes by you can look at the photos and get a better idea on how fast your hair is growing.

Lastly, remember that breakage and split ends are often the culprits behind hair that seems to not grow longer. Breakage and split ends shorten strands. So even though you did experience hair growth these hair enemies can negate and cancel out all of your hard work.

Don’t allow all of your hard work and hair care to be for nothing. Do not allow split ends to remain. Get trims in order to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your curls. Moreover, be gentle with your curls. Breakage usually occurs when strands are handled roughly. So then, also be careful when using hair tools like combs and brushes.

Dry Curly Hair -How to Deal With This Hair Foe

Have you ever seen those ads for curly hair products that show girls looking like they stuck their finger in a light socket? Trust us that is no exaggeration. It can make you want to scream seeing your curls looking like a Frankenstein project but there is help.

Curly hair already tends to be dry so avoid products that can cause more dryness. Always flip a product over before purchasing it and look over the ingredients list. Avoid products that contain and include alcohol, sulfates and salt. These ingredients are not your friends and need to be treated like enemies. They have the ability to damage and dry out curls. Therefore, if you see a product containing them just sit the product back on the shelf and back away.

Moreover, did you know as strands begin to take on a wavy shape and bend that small crevices and cracks develop? Those crevices and cracks have to be addressed. The fix is simple, always make sure they are well hydrated and moisturized. If they are not properly moisturized then the cracks and crevices can become bigger. As a result, an unpolished curl pattern develops.

If you want a well-defined curl pattern, without dryness or dreaded FRIZZ, then never neglect adding moisture to your hair. Look for products that list water or aqua as the first ingredient. Or purchase a moisturizing cream, leave-in or hair mousse. Such a product will accomplish two things. First of all, the hydration and nutrient rich hair product will deeply penetrate the crevices and cracks delivering moisture. Second, it will also often times provide great hold (i.e. mousse, curling creams). Moisture and control/hold will always help you nurture and create stunning curls.

Frizzy Curly Hair -End the Stigma, Get Well Defined Healthy Curls!




From the moment your hair is sopping wet your curls’ shape and end result depend on your next moves. Baby your curls with a gentle and soft approach. Instead of using a towel with a rougher texture opt for a microfiber towel. Using a towel with a softer texture is actually a protection for the hair.

Hair that is towel dried with a rough substance runs the risk of causing frizz by roughing up the cuticle. Therefore, avoid harming the cuticle and your curls with thank you. If money is tight you can also dry strands with a tee-shirt. The soft shirt will get hair dry without all the roughness. You can also gently dry hair with paper towels.  Remember to always press gently and softly when towel drying strands.

Additionally, if you have hair that is naturally curly, do not brush curls after they dry! Keep all the brushing and combing for before the drying process. Brushing your hair makes curls frizz up all the way up to the moon. 

If you think your curls need to be detangled, use a wide-tooth comb or detangler brush; and brush or comb it while the hair is wet, and while it is still damp. You can also apply some conditioner or Moroccan oil for more “slip.” Such slip will help your hair tools slide and detangle your curls with more ease.

Frizzy Curly Hair -End the Stigma, Get Well Defined Healthy Curls! (Continued)

For curly hair to look its best, a little training and manipulation may be necessary. The more you can encourage your curls to behave you can decrease frizz, breakage and create a more defined curl pattern! This is very true when it comes to training your hair during wash day. Natural hair shampooing tresses is just the beginning to having a great hair day.

When you were young, you probably have memories of getting your tresses cleansed in the kitchen sink or bath tub with your hair flipped over. Curly hair should actually be washed with strands going the opposite way. If you can’t get to a salon sink, do your shampooing in a shower in order to get curls going downward.

This cuts down on having to disturb your curls unnecessarily once the time comes to apply hair products. Also, not having to flip your hair back over will actually help decrease any puffiness, tangling or unwanted additional volume. Moreover, you should get into the habit of de-tangling your locks before you shampoo them. Doing so, will count down on the chances of your hair matting up when wet, which could be a pain to unravel. Or even worse, lead to breakage.

Curly Girl Hair Products: Best Shampoo for Curly Hair and Best Conditioner for Curly Hair



As mentioned previously, curly hair needs tons of  moisture than usual hair; so the hair products that you may use for curly hair, should be adept at keeping strands hydrated. Look for and use hair products that say, “made for curly hair”. This is because Shampoos and conditioners formulated for curly hair are more moisturizing then the ones specifically made for straight or less coily hair.

Furthermore, if possible, learn to shampoo less often and try to go longer in between your shampoo regime. Of course, this does not mean you want your hair to be “dirty” or stuck with “build-up.” The key is to not over wash your hair when it is unnecessary in order to not strip your hair of any moisture or sebum it may need.

Additionally, you might also try switching to organic or homemade shampoos because the chemicals in the shampoos damage the hair shaft. Homemade shampoos do not strip your hair off natural oils and do not aggravate your scalp to produce more oils to compensate for the loss, thus you can go longer in between shampooing.


Use leave in conditioners instead of wash off ones. Apply the conditioner only at the ends of your locks and not on your roots, in order to keep it from weighing down. When you apply conditioner at the roots, it lays flat at the roots and you will end up with all the volume at the ends only.

Switch to natural conditioners like; diluted apple cider vinegar or diluted lemon – they are the best natural wash off conditioners. Simply mix one part ACV with four parts water. Apply to freshly shampooed hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse.

Curly Haircare

Moreover, use Moroccan oil in place of your regular leave on conditioners; it does wonders to your hair. It softens your hair, it moisturizes them, it keeps them hydrated, it adds shine to them, it keeps them frizz free for a longer period and it makes them manageable.

However, if you are in search of a great leave-in conditioner for natural curly hair consider trying Cantu. Cantu Leave-In Conditioner as well as Coconut Curling Cream both help to nourish, hydrate and enhance curls.

Dry Your Hair with a Cotton Shirt



Have you heard about the cotton shirt drying technique yet? It is something Curly Girls swear by, because protecting strands is key to having a healthy head of curls. Moreover, it is not just people with curly hair who are embracing it; but people with wavy hair, 4C and those with straight hair have also been embracing it. Why? The results are quite amazing! You end up with hair that is softer and frizz free.

Most regular bathroom towels tend to be rough on the hair. Would you freely choose to sandpaper your hair? Course not! Yet, when you towel dry your hair with a rough fabric that’s just what you are doing to your hair. That is why teeshirts are so appealing; they are softer on your strands.

Besides, toweling your hair with the right fabrics you may also wish to air dry your hair instead of applying heat. This is because you let your hair dry naturally, no blow-drying, no rubbing, squeezing and hitting with the towel. This method will take longer but you will be delighted with the results. If you do not have enough time for this in the morning, wash your hair a day prior and leave the turban on overnight.

Protect Hair at Night -Sleep With a Loose Braid on a Satin Cover

Even as you go to sleep you must think of your hair. Nighttime is a time of rejuvenation for your body, including your hair and skin. However, you could be unknowingly causing your hair havoc. How?

Remember the fairy tale story of the princess and the pea? She was so delicate that she felt a small pea even through several mattresses. Well, hate to tell you but your curls are just as much of a diva. Strands are highly vulnerable to any friction caused during sleep.

For a moment just picture yourself resting at night. Are you an angelic sleeper or more like a matador and its bull at night? If you are like us the latter explains and fits you more. Now think about all that friction from rubbing back and forth all of your pillow causes.

Besides the risk of pulling out and tearing strands there’s another terrifying result. You guessed it, you can create a frizzy result. Consequently, what can be done to fix this issue?

Invest in silk. Whether it is a silk scarf or silk pillowcase just buy it. Silk is great for curls because it is gentle. Silk will not rough up hair fibers and it is soft on the hair cuticle. If you are pretty good about wrapping your hair up at night a scarf is all you need. Nevertheless, if you tend to forget or simply are too tired at the end of the day then it is highly recommended that you use the silk pillowcase.

Protect Hair at Night -Sleep With a Loose Braid on a Satin Cover (Continued)

Yes, a hair enemy you should never underestimate is… Your pillowcase. It may look inviting and soft, but truthfully it may not be soft enough for your hair. Remember your hair is delicate, so you need to treat it as such.

Therefore, in order to protect your strands; do not leave your hair loose when you sleep. Protect your hair’s ends if you can by tying them into a loose braid, or up into a loose high bun. Moreover, change from cotton covers to (silk, as mentioned) or satin pillow covers. Sleeping on satin pillow covers helps protects your hair from breakage due to friction throughout the night. Friction that can occur simply from turning over during your sleep.

Speaking of sleep, if you want healthy hair you do need to get your beauty rest! Aim to sleep for eight good hours. Always remember, a good night’s sleep is the key to good health, good skin and good hair.

Best Type of Comb for Curly Hair


Curly Haircare


Besides using your hands to style your curly hair, the wide tooth comb can also be a great tool to have in your styling kit. Wide tooth combs can be quite useful when it comes to smoothing and detangling your curls.

However, it can occasionally miss small sections that can contain knots. To overcome that obstacle work through your curls one small section at a time, combing from the bottom and working your way up to the root, slowly detangling as you go. Wide tooth combs come in a great variety of shapes and sizes so you should have no trouble choosing one that is right for you.

Moreover, even celebrities prefer the comb when it comes to curly hair. For instance, stunning actress Thandie Newton who has beautiful curly hair along with her daughter; is a fan of combing over brushing curls. She was once interviewed stating that brushing curly hair is not only damaging to your curly hair, but there is the possibility it causes breakage. So comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb while wet instead.

While of course, everyone is welcome to their own opinion and everyone’s curls are different. It is best to try things out and see how it works on your hair. Curly hair is about good maintenance and doing what works efficiently. So always make sure to hydrate your curly hair, get safe beauty rest, protect your ends and deep condition strands. Doing so will help you achieve your goals as you develop your Curly Haircare skills!

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