Dame Dash On The Power Of Ownership In Web3 — ‘We Have To Make Sure We Control The Narrative, Not Them’

During the same interview, Dash also shed light on the real estate sector. It emphasizes why the community should want to take control of every avenue because if not, the community can never write the rule book for existing and emerging spaces.

“Most of the time, within our culture, we don’t own nothing so we can’t make the rules. When you own something that means you’re the boss of what you own. That means you make the law within those four walls and those bricks. That’s usually the problem, we fight over sh*t we don’t own. It’s not ours,” Dash said.

He continued: “See, I’ve been kicking it in Florida for a little while and I’m like, damn, it’s racist out here, but the reason why is because they’re not used to seeing a Black boss. And I’m like, cause I don’t really feel racism. I was like looking at the people from my culture and they seem so oppressed and it’s more about survival. And I was like, damn, if my boss was a racist, that would be hell, if I had a boss. But if that boss was racist, he or her controlled my money that would suck. But when you’re the boss, a racist can’t even show you they are racist, they get fired. I don’t have to feel it, I’ll just fire you. And they just not used to it. And what I believe is that, you know, if we are the landlords and once you have ownership, you can make the laws. Then the world would just be a better place because culturally we wouldn’t lead with fear. We would lead with love, but the first step is ownership.”

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