Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette -BEYOND FAB!

Got a hot date? Or are you looking for a palette with eye-popping, mesmerizing color that will stop any onlooker in their tracks? Well honey… look no further than the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette!

Danessa Myricks Beauty‘s NEW Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette is the latest release of the cosmetics giant’s best-selling product; and it is now available! The all-over face, multi-use palette is curated with multiple unique finishes and 14 color-shifting shades; to heighten creativity & expand your beauty expression.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette -BEYOND FAB!



Excited? So are we! Therefore, what does this absolutely amazing brand has to say to us about their latest masterpiece? In regards to the Lightwork Volume IV Palette, Danessa Myricks Beauty reveals,

“The Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette is the fourth installment to the eponymous beauty brand’s best-selling palette series. Designed for makeup pros, beauty mavens and everyone in between, you can immerse yourself in our world of opulent multichrome textures and out of this world hues. The new, innovative palette is a playground for the eyes and face and the lightest touch will provide a maximum color payoff!”

Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette

Uhm… we are loving the sound of all of the above! Nevertheless, in case you were wondering; the new palette includes the following finishes and shades:


  • 8 Velvet Chromes – Ultra-chromatic, color-shifting velvety smooth powders
  • 2 Pressed Chrome Flakes – A pressed cream, ultra metallic, multi-tonal formula.
  • 2 Glass Metallics – Ultra-reflective, dazzlers with a glass-like shine
  • 2 Aqua Chromes – Water activated, smudge-proof, vivid duo-chrome pigments


Danessa Myricks Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette -Final Things to Know

Okay Beauty Lovers, before we let you go, there are a few more things you should know. From shade tones to price and where you can get this new beauty drop. Let’s start with shade colors! The 14 gorgeous hues are:


  • TRANCE – Electric sapphire to deep violet
  • NIRVANA – Fiery copper to olive green
  • DIVINITY – Sparkling citrine
  • SIXTH SENSE – Pistachio green to cool taupe
  • OUT OF BODY – Jade green to peacock blue
  • INTUITION – Brilliant cyan to soft lilac
  • HEAVEN – Glimmering mint to pastel chartreuse
  • PARADISE – Glimmering fuschia to forest green
  • AURA – Brillant iris to hazy violet
  • ZEN – Beetle green to honey bronze
  • ANGELS – Sparkling diamond
  • TRIPPY – Rose gold to pine green
  • ESCAPISM – Electric shamrock to hunter green
  • AWAKENING – Intense teal to regal amethyst


Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Vol. IV Transcendence Palette


Pretty right? We thought so too! Nonetheless, if you want to add this product to your eye makeup arsenal; just head to SEPHORA, either online or in-store. Each palette currently retails for $125.

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