Diddy Accused Of Firing Nanny For Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

A woman sued Diddy for allegedly firing her for being pregnant.

According to TMZ, a nanny identified as Jane Roe claimed the Hip Hop mogul fired her after she requested maternity leave. She recalled his reps telling her that she “set a bad example” for his daughters because she got pregnant outside of marriage.

Jane Roe, who claims to be Kim Porter’s niece, said she became the full-time nanny for Diddy’s twins D’Lila and Jessie after Porter died in November 2018.

Porter was the mother of the twins. She and the Bad Boy Records founder had an off-and-on relationship, which began in the ‘90s.

Diddy reportedly asked the nanny to live in his estate following Porter’s death. Jane Roe was “responsible for the twins’ 24/7 care.”

The nanny asked for maternity leave after getting pregnant in August 2020. Diddy was allegedly “infuriated” and canned her around the time her sabbatical was supposed to begin.

A source told TMZ the woman wasn’t fired over her pregnancy. Diddy purportedly fired her for cause, but the specific reason wasn’t revealed. The source also denied the nanny was related to Porter.

Jane Roe filed her wrongful termination lawsuit against Diddy and Tri Star Sports, among others. She’s seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

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