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Finally, we get to hear from DJ Akademiks. The DJ who is not a DJ did an interview today with The Breakfast Club. Yes, Charlamagne and DJ Envy did this interview and did a pretty good job. They talked to the current bad boy of rap and got his take on calling pioneers dusty and broke.

Well, I will say this, he explained himself well. I do not think he is going to be able to change some peoples’ minds and I think that the damage is done. I am not even saying I agree, but this is much more than a quick hot take. I do believe he brought up some very interesting points and explained himself in a way that is reasonable and sensible. I am pretty sure he understands the Internet by this point and knows what will incite and elicit a response from people. I don’t think that he did this on purpose.

What I do find to be somewhat cool is that some of the older gods of Hip-Hop are talking to him. Most notably T.I. has reached out. He’s agreed to talk to LL Cool J. I do believe that AK made a good point in discerning what his statements were versus what the Internet said.

He also talked about this other situation with Reginae Carter. And that is one I am not ask familiar with. Basically he use the B-word with her and as you know, that is Lil Wayne‘s daughter. But, Akademiks defended his use of said word because she is a public figure. He said we can call his mom a B if she becomes a public figure. OK. I watched this interview for quite a while, but I did stop somewhere around the halfway point.

The reason I am putting this on the site is because we always play fair and we don’t generally take sides. I definitely want DJ Akademiks to be able to articulate his real point and speak his peace

So, here it is!


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