DJ Kool Herc’s Original Soundsystem Goes For $200K At Auction, Selling For $50K More Than Expected

The outlet reported that his Soundsystem sold for $201,600 — over $50,000 more than it was expected to sell.

“That thing cost a lot of money and pumped a lot of juice,” the OG DJ revealed. “It was 300 watts per channel. As the juice start coming man, the lights start dimming. And the turntables, I had the Technics 1100A, the big ones, so it wouldn’t turn.”

In addition to DJ Kool Herc’s Soundsystem, Christie’s auctioned additional artifacts of his, as well as others that tie to Hip-Hop’s history. The list featured “a mixer, a disco ball from Sedgwick Avenue, sneakers worn by Kool Herc, and various images from the early hip-hop heyday of the 1970s and 1980s.”

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