Doja Cat Trademarks And Readies New Brand ‘It’s Giving,’ But Should She Credit The Black Influencer That Helped Popularize The Phrase?

The issue at hand that a group of Twitter users has brought up is that Doja Cat should credit Rolling Ray — an influencer from Washington, D.C., who is known by many to have popularized the phrases “It’s giving” and “Purr.” 

Although “It’s giving” is a vernacular that has been already used in the Black LGBT community before the influencer’s social media rise, there are people who still feel the influencer should be recognized to a certain extent. 

Rolling Ray himself entered the discussion once Doja Cat’s post went live.

“This b-tch said let me steal from this handicap black b-tch & copyrighted my saying uh whole year ago !! Lord I’m tired of fighting,” he wrote in a tweet.

Twitter pulled out the receipts that Doja Cat had trademarked the phrase for her new clothing line.

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