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Don’t Know What To Get Her? 6 Tips To Picking Out A Gift She’ll Love

Christmas gifts

Okay now, we all know ladies can be tough when it comes to Christmas gifts. They all have specific things they like and certainly don’t like. They may like designer handbags but may only actually wear the crossbody kind. Or they may love makeup but despise the kind from the drugstore. As a significant other or a loved one, it can become confusing quickly! But have no fear, check out these 6 tips for picking out a gift she’ll love:

Keep in mind her hobbies.

Finding the perfect gift for a woman can actually come quite easy. Take time to pay attention to the things she does in her spare time. If you see her taking dance lessons, inquire about getting her a gift card to the dance studio. If she likes to skate, consider private ice skating lessons.

Think of the things she actually needs.

Everybody knows a woman who’s had car trouble, so why not take her car in one day to get it detailed and checked as a gift? You can also mount the TV that’s always in the way of her doing her makeup on the dresser, fix the clogged tub from her hair… and the list goes on.

Pick something from her routine.

Does she enjoy getting her nails and hair done? Go up to her favorite shop and inquire about a gift card. Does she love smoothies in the AM, get her a nice blender or juicer!

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Know her taste.

Even if you have a general idea of what she may like, do you know the style she likes it in? For example, does she want black or brown shoes? Does she like gold or silver jewelry?

You can’t just assume that you know what she likes because it could end up being a disaster if you get her something completely different from what she wanted. Not to mention, actually knowing what she likes will show her that you care and have been paying attention.

Figuring these things out may help you find the perfect gift:

  • What’s her favorite color?
  • What’s her favorite type of food?
  • What’s her mood on Christmas day?
  • What’s her musical taste?
  • Is she a minimalist or likes cluttered decorations?
  • What kind of clothes and jewelry does she wear?

Gift an investment.

Nothing says ‘I love you, Merry Christmas” better than stocks from her favorite store or even a gold bracelet she can keep forever. Can’t think of anything meaningful? Give the gift of value.

Gift her something that defines your relationship.

Getting her something generic that isn’t meaningful may result in your gift getting thrown in

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