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Do you really need an app daily planner? Well, let’s look at the data. According to studies conducted on whether people actually accomplish their new year goals; research reveals that only a whopping 10% actually reach what they would call successful achievement. This means that 90% of individuals who initially set goals at the beginning of the year; actually end up not achieving their dreams they set out to accomplish.

Why is this the case? Why do so many people with such great intentions; seem to not be able to succeed? Researchers say the answer is simple. Time management.

The thrust behind these studies reveal that people are not able to devote the time they need in order to reach their goals. This can be due to problems arising, lack of motivation, lack of confidence or even not knowing how to be more organized. However, all of this does not have to be true of you. There is a key you can unlock in order to walk through the door and be on the right path to success.

What must you do? GET ORGANIZED. Yes, actually come up with a plan to reach your goals and stay consistent.

A great way to stay accountable during this life- altering experience; is to utilize a daily planner. A planner allows you to keep track of tasks, important events, social media scheduling and much more. Whether your goal is to lose weight/get fit, start or grow a business, budget finances, do bucket list travel, improve mental health or plan a luxurious wedding; a planner can help you get it done!

App Daily Planner: Download These to Up Your Success!

Since we all are on our smartphones almost 24/7. Having a daily planner app right on your phone can do wonders! All you have to do is click in every day to stay on top of your workload.

Also, a lot of apps are willing to set up notifications. These helpful reminders can flash up on your phone to get you motivated to stay on task even when you’re feeling tired, stressed or just plain “on the couch” lazy lol. Remember, reaching success is like climbing a mountain, it takes work. If you don’t put the work in, you will not make to your destination. Therefore, allow daily planner app notifications to move you to do the work!

Here are three app daily planners that you can download and start using right now.


App Daily Planner



STRUCTURED -DAILY PLANNER, Visual Calendar & To-Do List (this app is an Editor’s Choice Winner)




HABIT TRACKER, Goal Tracker & Daily Planning by Davetech Co., Ltd. (this app has a 5 star rating out of 41k ratings)





PLANNER & JOURNAL-ZINNIA, Agenda,  Diary, Planning (over 22k rated this app 4.6 stars out of 5)

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