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Dreading A Trip To The Nail Salon? Here’s A Popular Alternative

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First impressions are always important, no matter who you’re meeting. You always want to look your best wherever you go because even when you may not be at your best self, you never want to look like what you’re going through. So you take care of yourself by getting your hair done, getting a facial, taking a trip to the spa, or even going shopping for a few new pieces just to spice up your wardrobe. Whatever you do that helps you look and feel amazing, when it comes to getting your nails done at the nail salon, that may be where you draw the line for a bunch of reasons. Some people hate not having their hands free for long periods of time and some people don’t like others touching their hands and feet. Some people live with certain medical conditions that prevent them from even being able to enjoy sitting down for such a prolonged time. So what do you do when you want the “look” but can’t fathom sitting there to get it? Well, that’s simple, try something new. 

Why Going To The Nail Salon Might Not Be Ideal For You

As mentioned before, there are many reasons why going to the nail salon might not be ideal. It could be because you hate waiting, and knowing some technicians, you’ll be waiting way past your appointment time.

You could be dreading a trip to the nail salon because it restricts you for so long. Not being able to use your hands for an hour or more could cause anxiety for those who struggle with it.

It also might not be ideal because of the fumes and smells that linger in a nail salon. The strong scents may make you sick or lightheaded and cause dizziness. Especially if it’s a salon that services more than just manicures. 

Another reason why going to get your nails done may not be the best option for you is because you are living with a medical condition that can make the experience unenjoyable. Especially if you are someone who is living with arthritis.

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How This Could Affect Your Arthritis

When living with any type of arthritis, the most common symptom you will experience is joint pain. This joint pain is caused by inflammation in the joints. This can make any movement painful especially when a flare-up occurs.

Those who live with rheumatoid arthritis can experience more than just joint pain as well. Rheumatoid arthritis has the ability to affect your skin, nerves, lungs, heart and blood vessels. Most of the time you can see the effects of rheumatoid arthritis on the hands because this inflammatory disorder causes bone erosion and joint deformity.

Imagine living with this and going to get your nails done at the salon. The experience might not only be painful but exacerbate your symptoms as well. Having to keep your hands in a certain position for too long can cause swelling and inflammation. As well as the strong smell from all the fumes which could irritate your lungs.

What About Press-Ons?

So if you want the look of flawless nails but can’t go to the salon, then press-ons are a great alternative. Press-ons are basically

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