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Drug Free Ways to Ease Chronic Pain

chronic pain

There is no active research that shows there’s a cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but all is not lost. There are plenty of ways to reduce the discomfort of this condition that can also slow down the progression. Like a lot of conditions, a healthy diet, stress management, regular exercise, and a few other remedies can make living with rheumatoid arthritis easier. Things like over-the-counter medications can help with pain, inflammation, joint damage, and more. Here are some ways you can help relieve the pain while at home! 


chronic pain

Exercising regularly can be a great way to strengthen your muscles and increase your joint’s range of motion. Don’t overthink the type of working out that will help as well! A brisk walk, swimming, and water aerobics are great for getting low-impact exercise.

For the sake of your joints, it’s also a good idea to avoid any high-impact sports that could over-work your joints and cause injury. Exercise will not only help strengthen muscles, but it will also help with sleep which leads to our next natural remedy, sleep! 


In general, sleep is the perfect remedy for anything, but it’s especially important for those with RA. Sleep directly affects the level of pain in your body and your ability to move.

Try your best to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night, if you are unable to get sleep at night napping is a great alternative. 


chronic pain

Similar to sleep, a healthy diet is great for everything, but especially for those with RA. A diet filled with raw or lightly cooked vegetables with spices like turmeric and ginger is a great option. 

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Mind Over Matter

When dealing with physical pain, it helps to build your mind up to a point of relaxation. This allows you to cope better with the symptoms. Mindfulness meditation entails being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and breathing. One thing that may get overlooked when it comes to RA is the emotional stress that can come with it. Practicing mindfulness can not only help reduce physical pain and also depression. Simply sitting still in one position while practicing mindfulness can go a long way.

Although it may be hard for someone with RA to sit in one position for an extended period, there can be modifications. 

Get A Massage

chronic pain

A massage is great for RA even if you’re getting it done by

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