E-40’s Sparkling Wines Were Our Drinks of the Summer

Earl Stevens Selections has a diverse portfolio of drinks including tequila, cognac, bourbon, wine and beer!

As Summer officially comes to a close next week on September 22, 2022, we are summarily announcing that E-40’s Earl Stevens Selections wine brands – specifically the Blueberry and Orangesicle flavored sparkling wines – were the drinks of the Summer.

Blueberry has the perfect flavor that is refreshing, t### and sweet. The Orangesicle tastes exactly like it sounds and packs a slight kick, although it’s nothing major so it creeps up on you – before you know it you’re lit!

E-40 sprinkled the market with his bubbly new flavors in the Spring and boy did they hit all Summer long! One thing that we can say about these sparkling wines is that they are smooth and they catch up to you quickly, so it only takes a few sips before you are feeling the effects of the Earl Stevens Selections.

It’s no surprise to us over here at AllHipHop that over the past year, E-40 has established himself as one of the pre-eminent celebrity wine enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, having released several new flavors including Cotton Candy, Cali-Mocho Red Wine and Cola, Watermelon, Mango Peach as well as Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Rose DOC.


E-40 pivoted to the wine and spirits industry in 2013, leading him to launch “Earl Stevens Selections,” which included a variety of still and sparkling wine offerings that were produced in Napa, California. He eventually kicked things off with the Function Red Blend 2013 which he named after his smash single “Function.” 

Beyond wine, E-40 has curated a versatile portfolio that includes other types of spirits, including E. Cuarenta Tequila, Tycoon Cognac, Kuiper Belt Bourbon, Sluricane, E. Cuarenta Cerveza, so he’s got all the bases covered for whatever you like.

Make sure to check those Earl Stevens Selections and tune in for more updates! Drink responsibly and cheers!!!


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