Eggs for Muscle Growth -Eat These to Build Your Ultimate Hot Body!

Want a killer body? We’re talking like THE Halle Berry, Normani, Lori Harvey, Halle x Chloe, Zendaya’s legs and Teyana Taylor’s rock hard abs; the kind of body where people can’t help but stare and look twice? Well, you can achieve your BEST firm and toned up version of yourself by utilizing Eggs for Muscle Growth!

Why are eggs so beneficial and ideal for muscle building? Well, here is just a very BRIEF overview of why eggs stand head and shoulders above other sources of proteins. You see, eggs contain:

  • 6 grams of protein
  • Possess essential amino acids that are readily needed for not only muscle recovery, but also building minerals such as zinc and calcium
  • Are a power storehouse of vitamins such as: Vitamin A, E, B12, K, Folic Acid and Riboflavin
  • Yolks contain healthy fats and cholesterol
  • Aids in providing a balanced and nutritious healthy diet
  • Eating whole eggs after your workout can help you build more muscle
  • Calorie for calorie you will require less protein from eggs than you do from other sources in order to achieve the same muscle building benefits
  • Maximize gym and home gym results since whole eggs stimulate muscle growth and repair

Now this leads us to logically wonder why muscle is so important? If you want a slimmer or just more shaped up bod, muscle is your friend, friend! Muscle is helps:

  • Build strength and stamina
  • Helps to control body fat
  • Gives your body physique shape
  • Increases metabolic rate to encourage the body to burn fat and calories
  • Improve tone, balance, build bone, manage blood sugar and support joints

Eggs for Muscle Growth -Eat These to Build Your Ultimate Body and Physique



MUSCLE burns about three times as many calories per pound as body fat does. You may be a skinny Minnie right now, but age changes that. Researchers say that around 25 we all begin losing muscle mass.

Moreover, as the years tick by, there comes a point where we can’t gain muscle as fast as we lose it. Starting off in our 20’s on average we lose about two to three percent of muscle every decade. So after your teens, expect a decrease in muscle in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and on up.

Therefore, your best bet to delay the inevitable is to build as much muscle as possible early. Nevertheless, even if you are reading this and you are past 25, this does not mean you are “over the hill” and beyond all help. There are some people who are older, who have a better metabolic rate than someone who’s younger and living a sedentary lifestyle! It is all about choices and what you are willing to put into your fitness lifestyle.

Yes, you will have to work harder, however, it can still be done! You can gain more muscle that will help you control your weight and body fat. Do not rely on a low calorie diet and cardio to achieve less fat. Doing this can actually speed up the loss of muscle or slow your resting metabolic rate! Not good. Instead, seriously rely on a high protein diet and strength training in order to build lean body mass.

Eggs and Bodybuilding -Construct a Body With Better Definition and Tone

Think of muscle like being your body’s inner fat and calorie burning machine. If a machine is well maintained it will run efficiently and extremely well. Therefore, the more muscle you have, the more you will be able to shed unwanted pounds and also maintain your personal ideal healthy weight!

Seriously, it almost works itself out like a simple math problem. Increase the amount of muscle on your body and you will also in turn jack up and increase your body’s metabolism. A faster metabolism means more calories burned. Therefore, Strength training/exercise, a good diet and increased muscle, equals an increase in metabolism.

As a result, if you are looking to build a better body or increase your muscles in order to look better in terms of tone and body definition; then eggs for muscle building is just for you! There are many benefits you can get from eggs; including of how good they are at helping you grow and develop stronger muscles. Moreover, if you want to build more muscle and lose weight; then one of the best foods that you can include in your diet are eggs.

Eggs Build Muscle – We Know Eggs for Muscle Growth Works… But Is it Healthy?

Despite often getting a bad nutrition rap; Eggs are actually one of the healthiest foods for consumption. Why? It is because there is definitely more protein in an egg than in most other meats. This is real good news if you do not want to have to worry about stuffing your face with a variety of different proteins. With eggs you can help hit your quota a lot faster.

Furthermore, eggs also contain more vitamins and minerals than meat. The good thing about eggs is that they contain all the essential amino acids that you need. The protein you get from eggs is also higher than that from beef; yet there is no shortage of proteins in lean muscles as well.

However, many experts do not believe that all parts of the egg are created equal. Many dietitians and nutrients feel as though some egg parts are more packed with proteins. Which is why there is a big food war between the yolk of an egg; as well as the egg white.

Eggs for Building Muscle: Yolk or Egg White- Which is Better for Using Eggs for Muscle?



Egg Yolk or just Egg Whites? The answer is yes, meaning BOTH. All parts of the egg is beneficial. Eating whole eggs after a workout and pairing them with easily digestible carbohydrates ( this is important because protein will only be used to build muscle if your consume enough carb calories in order to provide your body with energy); can help your body refuel in two ways.

  1. Protein helps to build and repair the muscles
  2. Carbohydrates will replenish your body’s glycogen

While you may feel tons of pain and sweating during a tough workout; the real work actually begins after. You see, during strenuous workouts all of the thousands of tiny muscle fibers endure tiny little tears. Your brain sends messages to repair them by fusing them together. This causes the muscles to increase in mass and size.

However, this process takes time. Meaning it takes more than a day or two to see a real difference in muscle tone. In reality, it can take around 12 weeks in order to see real results.

Best Way to Eat Eggs for Muscle Building

Nevertheless, did you know you can help this process out some? Yes, by eating eggs. It’s that simple. Eggs have been shown to contain high quality protein, healthy fats; and most importantly large amounts of the amino acid Leucine. This particular amino acid is very useful and important when it comes to muscle gain and growth.

Furthermore, not all parts of the egg is created equal. In fact, many researchers feel that the richest source of protein and healthy fats lie in the white part of the egg, which you have most likely consumed on a regular basis anyway.

So, when it comes to the bulk up the benefits of eggs for muscle building remember to load up on the white side only. So, when it comes to loading up on the various benefits of eggs for muscle building switch eggs over to whole eggs. This is because the cholesterol in whole eggs increases your LDL blood cholesterol and this actually increases the bad cholesterol levels and decreases the good ones. So switch to eating just a few handfuls of egg every day instead of going for six eggs in a day.

Best Way to Eat Eggs For Muscle Building

Switching eggs to egg whites can actually help in increasing the protein level in your body after a workout. This is because egg whites have a very high protein content and they can be easily absorbed by the body. The best quality egg whites are those that are left untouched after scrambling while others may be partially cooked and are better suited for consumption after some hours. So remember to always eat the unscrambling egg whites.

Apart, from the health benefits of eggs the other great health benefits of these yolk consist of six eggs being the most protein packed food in all of nature. Eggs being rich in protein ensure that you have plenty of energy even when you are tired after a workout. Also, six eggs being rich in vitamin B12 is good for proper and regular bone growth.

Other than the health benefits of eggs having good amounts of amino acids in them is also good for your muscles. These amino acids are very important for the production of hormones responsible for muscle growth. Also, whole eggs being rich in lecithin oil is an excellent source of vitamin E which is very essential for the protection of the skin against harmful UV rays. These are just some of the many benefits of eggs for muscle building.

2 Eggs Calories Scrambled -Eggs for Muscle Growth: Will This Break Your Calories?

As you can see from this article, eggs are MAJOR KEY to developing nice lean, muscle. Muscle that can help you reach a better “burn” rate. However, many shy away from eggs because they fear the calories.

We all know that diet plays a big role in achieving proper weight loss and maintaining weight. So then, you should be conscious about how many calories you are consuming during all of your meals. Therefore, how many calories do you risk when consuming 2 scrambled eggs?

Well, it is estimated that 2 large cooked eggs can range from about 182 calories to around 203. In terms of a “classic breakfast” 2 scrambled eggs is considered 1 serving and will provide you 13 grams of protein. Furthermore, in terms of calories this is very low and can nicely help round out a healthy breakfast.

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