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Essential Life Hacks All Breasties Should Know

life hacks

Living with a chronic illness can be discouraging in many ways. Chronic illnesses have the ability to steal the joy from you and your life especially when it comes to your breast. There are so many unknowns about this disease even with all the information and movements that you may see in the media, on billboards, at the doctor’s offices, etc. Though there are things doctors have yet to uncover about breast cancer, with the research and information that has been provided, living with breast cancer of any sort doesn’t have to weaken your spirit, regardless of what it may be doing to your body.

It Can Be Difficult Living With Breast Cancer

Living with any type of cancer is stressful so living with breast cancer is no different. The physical toll it takes on your body is enough to make you want to give up. From the pain and aches of the disease itself to the fatigue and tiredness of constant treatments. The different changes it causes to your body such as weight loss, hair loss, lack of appetite, discoloration and more. All of these physical changes to your body can cause you to experience mental and emotional hardships as well. 

Oftentimes, it can change the way you view yourself when living with something such as breast cancer. You can feel that you’re broken, you don’t function properly or you’re not a “real man” because you’ve developed this type of illness.

The constant change in emotions, feeling anxious and on edge, all the time alters your thinking. You can worry yourself sick and that can lead to depression and anxiety. 

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How This Makes Life More Stressful

After dealing with the physical and emotional changes that come with living with breast cancer, you have to find a new normal for yourself. This fight isn’t something that you can just get up and defeat every day.

Some days you may not feel like getting out of bed and you physically can’t. Then there are times when you’re spending all day at the doctor or the treatment center. There will be times when the doctor relays news that crushes your spirits because you thought you were progressing. 

Now think about trying to cope with all of those changes and attempting to continue on with your life the way it was before the diagnosis. As much as it may be wanted, it’s not possible.

Once change comes and it hits you quick and fast without any preparation, you’re being thrown into a whole new normal and that’s difficult to come to terms with at first. Sudden change can cause stress, depression, anxiety, fear, a change in your everyday life and worsen your symptoms. 

5 Life Hacks You Need To Know About

Even though living with something such as breast cancer can feel like it will slow you down, it doesn’t have to… at all! The easiest way to

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