Former NFL Player Ricky Williams Believes NIL Money Should Go Into A Trust That’s Available To Players After Graduating

Instead of the current protocol, Williams gave insight into a theory he thinks can be beneficial for young athletes.

“I’m not bitter. I would say if I did it I think the money should go in a trust that comes to the player once they graduate. I don’t think the players should be exploited, but I also don’t think an opportunity to get a college education should be taken advantage of or exploited.”

Taking into account his own past when it came to seeing an influx of money at a young age, Williams’ focus is for the student-athletes to have a grasp of financial literacy.

“I think it’s great that they’re able to make money. I hope that they’re being educated. I wish I would’ve had this opportunity because when I did get to the NFL and big money started coming, I would’ve had a little bit of practice.”

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