From Lineage To Legacy: ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Stars Talk Rediscovering Their Roots With The Help Of Technology

“I don’t know if I was shocked. But I just went in knowing that I was from Ghana. I was booked in Ghana in 2019, and getting off the plane, everyone was like, “welcome home!”

And staying there, learning about the culture — I actually wound up extending the trip, because I had so much fun.

But I’ve come to find out I’m actually from Cameroon. [And] what I did learn is that, in Cameroon, I’m actually part of the Fulani people. And the Fulani people were entrepreneurs. They were marketers. They loved to travel. They were nomads. And that is completely me.

[And] it was in that moment that I realized that DNA has memory, because everything the Fulani people are, that’s me.”

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