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Fruit Juice: Not As Healthy As You Think

fruit juice

We’ve been warned about the dangers of consuming too much alcohol, soda and coffee, but according to experts, the ‘healthier’ alternative – fruit juice – can now be added to the watch list. People who regularly drink fruit juice have higher blood pressure than those who gulp down juice less often, increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a study published in the journal Appetite.

The 160 participants in the study were asked about their dietary habits within the last year, including if they drank juice daily, occasionally or rarely. After checking participants’ blood pressure in various ways, researchers found that those who drank a glass of juice every day had higher central blood pressure – the pressure in the aorta – than those who had juice less often or rarely.

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“These findings are important because there is a common perception that fruit juice is healthy,” lead study author Dr. Matthew Pase from Swineburne University of Technology says.

Yes, fruit juice is packed with vitamins and natural sugar, but unlike whole fruits, the juice is missing the much-needed fiber that helps your body absorb the sugar and helps you to feel full.

A single 250 ml serving of fruit juice contains seven teaspoons of sugar.

The World Health Organization suggests no more than six teaspoons per DAY.

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