FUD Stock Meaning -The Real Definition and a Couple of Tips

Finance QUICKIE: So you have entered the stock game huh? Congratulations! This avenue of finance is a great way to invest in your successful future. However, you may be coming across a few terms online or on various social platforms that you are unfamiliar with at the moment. For instance, what in the world is behind the FUD Stock Meaning… like is it a company, theory or some kind of secret society?


FUD Stock Meaning


No. FUD is not a company to trade with or some hip organization… at least not yet (Lol). It’s actually just a stock slang three word acronym. It simply means:

Why would one need to know those three terms? Well, when it comes to stocks, those are certainly three qualities that can easily pop up. Qualities that can make you sell when you really shouldn’t; and thus miss out on a bigger pay day. Not cool.

Plus, there are even more evil people out there that want to help sway things into their favor. So, these horrible individuals release all sorts of fear mongering propaganda in order to influence trigger happy stock holders to sell or buy. Why would such types want to release false or bad advice, news of tips? Well, if they are able to push the market to where and how they want it to go; then it will help pad their numbers not yours.

It’s not right, but it happens. That’s why FUD was born. Many are now quick to point it out or try to help others to stay the course especially when it comes to popular meme/squeeze opportunities.

So then, how can you personally deal with all of this? If you take stocks seriously at some moment in time you’re going to FEEL some fear, uncertainty or doubt. It’s just a fact.



Stocks are a whirlwind. An insane roller coaster where you literally cannot see the tracks ahead. Why we don’t go flying out of our skins as we watch graphs take 90 degree dives on a daily basis is simply a miracle. Yet, strangely it’s part of the life and excitement of it all.  So know what you are getting into and take it as being the norm.

If many are being honest, a lot of it is just educated guesses or insider company know-how. Meaning someone knows of an industry shift, change, bankruptcy or anything else that could be a helpful piece of the decision making puzzle.

You won’t always get it right, but when you do, you’ll feel like a Jedi master. Plus, in time you’ll learn how to spot key patterns. So don’t get upset with failures or beat yourself up. Remember, no sailor becomes skilled without a few storms.

Accept the mistakes. Learn from them, take a few deep breaths and keep moving. Also, consider the couple of tips below.

FUD Stock Meaning -The Real Definition and a Couple of Tips



Grab Some Chips and Enjoy the DIP: Buy low, sell high. While it may be tempting to jump on a stock while it’s gaining; however, bigger gains occur when you can get a stock cheaper and rack up money as it rises. So watch as hot stocks take a dip and buy in.



Stay in School: Yes, educate yourself on stocks before you buy. There’s always going to be super popular stocks to purchase, but don’t just go with the crowd (unless it is proven beyond a doubt they’re heading in the right direction, then you son of a gun you better go in lol). Force yourself to actually know why a stock or company is doing well so that you can plan accordingly.

This is true in stock and crypto realms. Maybe it’s going to go higher; already leveling out, reached it’s height or peak, or it’s a pump and dump. This information will help you know how much to put in or if it’s not worth the risk.


FUD Stock Meaning


Stalker, Your Phone Needs a Restraining Order: On some next level realness, it is all too easy to buy up some stocks or options and want to check how things are going every two seconds. Stocks become your babies, children, those innocent widdle beings you desperately want to see grow up into fine young dividends.

It can happen for you. But not likely in the last 5 minutes since you purchased (Lol). Buy then let it ride.

If you’re still panicking and freaking out (happens a lot when you make big or risky purchases… trust); try doing something relaxing. Seriously. It’ll take your mind off things and help you not have a panic attack.

Don’t Sweat It, You Can Do This



Stocks at times can feel overwhelming, but if done right, the payoff can be exactly what you are looking for. Nevertheless, don’t forget that on the road to success you may be brought to a crossroads of misinformation meant to cause you anxiety or fear. Be careful, research things thoroughly and you can get pass that type of negativity.

So wishing you all much success in your financial endeavors; and may you go to the moon or perhaps even the stars one day soon. In conclusion here’s a summarization of helpful stock market tips:

  • Set Aside Funds So That You Don’t Spend What You Can’t Afford to Spend
  • Remember Knowledge is Power, Do Your Research
  • Choose a Reputable Brokerage You Feel Comfortable With
  • Build a Diverse Portfolio… Mom Was Right, Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
  • Know Your Goals and Timeline. If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail. Know What Kind of Money You Want Then Make Moves to Get There.
  • Know Your Risk Tolerance. Don’t Bet Big If You Can’t Really Afford To or Can’t Handle it Mentally or Emotionally
  • Look for Trends in Earnings Growth, You Want To Go Up Not Down
  • Buy the Frigging Dip!
  • Look for Effectiveness of Executive Leadership. If the People Running the Ship are Idiots There’s a Good Chance They Can Run the Company into the Ground.
  • Get Keen at Seeing if a Company You are Interested in, Whether the Debt-to-Equity Ration is in Line With Industry Norms.
  • Check Your Emotions at the Door. Panicking Will Destroy Your Work. Stay Calm and Make Clear-Headed Decisions


FUD Stock Meaning


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