Ganja, Mushrooms and Golf- CanEx, Jamaica is Back! –

CanEx, Jamaica Cannabis Business Conference & Expo is back, well kind of. The Caribbean largest cannabis business to business conference and expo has grown. The event has actually undergone a name change and an expanded focus to include the growing field of psychedelic medicine. Appropriately named the CanEx Cannabis & Psychedelic Conference & Caribbean Wellness Expo. A full embrace of plant medicine. Presented by the Marley One, psychedelic mushroom formulations brand, the conference brings together top experts from the United States, Canada, Africa, South, and Central America, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.

From October 20th- 22nd, attendees will have a Caribbean conference and expo experience like no other. Through world-class speakers and panelists, the conference provides insight into the global direction of the industry, features a mix of high-level discourse and practical opportunities, real-life applications in the industry, and discussions around opportunities for investment, medical advances and uses, and the legal landscape. The conference also features presentations and exhibitions by medical experts, policymakers, researchers, and business professionals.

There will be 2 full conference days and a final day of networking activities and fun! On the roster is also the famous Eyes Wide Shut party and the CanEx Golf Tournament. Because let’s face it, you can’t invite people to the Caribbean and not let them get some sun. 

Ticket sales have started strong so get yours early. The team has an awesome offer for a whopping $1,500 OFF their regular booth prices. You read that right $1.500.00 OFF! Pay $500.00 by July 31st and you’re in. After that, the cost is USD $2,000.00. If you’re selling merchandise, you’ll want to pay early to maximize your profit margins. will also have a few brand activities. With a workshop series and a magazine launch event. October will mark the dates of our first newsstand issue of the Quarterly Magazine in the US and Canada and it feels like something to celebrate. It will also be a great issue for advertisers and we’re giving a deal to CanEx sponsors of up to 30% off your yearly advertiser package.

Feel free to contact us for further information on CanEx, Jamaica 2023. We are working with the team to bring you a great experience. We will also host a few giveaways and other perks while we’re on the road. Our first stop will be the Maestro Marley Cup in Hollywood, Florida this September 2nd. Join us and get Ganjactivated!

Visit for details or contact us on our website.

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