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Get Summer Body Ready With This Arms & Abs Workout (VIDEO)

abs and arms workout

With Spring and Summer approaching, now is the time to get ready for tanks and crop tops! Fortunately, Sharita Jennings, trainer and creator of has put together a simple circuit that will target your arms and abs at the same time. Each of these moves will force you to engage your abs while you perform traditional arm and back exercises. You might lose your balance once or twice, but the benefits are totally worth it.

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Why This Works

By targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time, you force your body into serious calorie burning, while building strength and boosting your metabolism long after your workout is done. Grab a set of light or medium dumbbells and try to get through 2-4 rounds of this circuit. Or, tack this onto your upper body workout next time you’re in the gym for a powerful finisher round!

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