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healthy summer recipes

Summer may be winding down, but Labor Day is quickly approaching. While most will be attending cookouts and day parties it is important to find balance in the foods you are eating. The chicken and ribs are very tempting but don’t forget to nourish your body with fruits and vegetables as well. At a lot of cookouts (at least the ones I have attended), there tends to be more meat and junk food than any other food, and if there is a salad it seems to go untouched.

Be the person at the end of the summer cookout that brings a delicious fruit bowl, refreshing salad, or flavorful veggie wraps. After all, did we work to reach our fitness goals only to gain all the weight back from eating at cookouts? I didn’t think so! Remember, it’s OK to indulge in the cookouts just find balance. Below, I share with you some tips and recipes for enjoying healthy summer recipes.

Tip One: 

Find fresh produce that’s in season. Eating in-season produce is higher in nutritional value, cheaper, fresher, and tastes better.

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Tip Two: 

While the meat is grilling throw some fresh vegetables on the grill for a few minutes. There is nothing tastier than lightly seasoned grilled vegetables. Vegetables in season during the summer that you can grill are summer squash, asparagus, bell peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Tip Three:

Invest in a spiralizer! The weather can be unbearable depending on where you live. Being in North Carolina, I find it hot, humid, and unbearable to

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