Here’s What You Should Know About The Facebook Outage And Why Social Media Users Are In A Frenzy

Can you imagine showing up for work without access to anything?

It has been confirmed that the Domain Name System (DNS) records that tell those systems (remember the roadmaps) how to find the Facebook and Instagram servers were withdrawn from global routing tables. In other words, this isn’t a situation where Facebook’s servers are down — this is a situation where their entire existence is no more.

“The Domain Name System is an integral element of how traffic on the internet is routed,” AP News reports. “DNS translates an address like “” to an IP address like If Facebook’s DNS records have disappeared, no one could find it.”

At this time, not only are Facebook employees unable to access their email, but all internal Facebook-based tools are also non-existent. Reportedly, Facebook employees are also blocked from entering the campus, but this report remains unconfirmed by independent sources.

Everything has vanished in thin air.

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