How Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Financial Advisor Unapologetically Robbed Him Of His $27M Fortune

Dennis Rodman Net Worth
Photo Credit: Steven Lawton

Unlike many other celebrities who fell into financial ruin, Dennis Rodman ran into a world of trouble because he trusted the wrong people with his money.

In 2016, The New York Post reported that Rodman’s ex-business manager, Peggy Ann Fulford, was arrested in New Orleans on fraud charges.

The charges came after a number of athletes accused her of mishandling their funds — including former Miami Dolphins player Ricky Williams, who “accused her of stealing $6 million in 2013.”

“Dennis was a victim,” said attorney Bradford Cohen, who represented Rodman. Cohen also noted that after his client began discovering “weird” charges, they conducted a forensic investigation which revealed that “Peggy was writing checks off his account for exotic cars, homes, jewelry. We reached out to the FBI and followed through with the investigation along the way.”

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