How Kyle Hatcher Used Training From His 9-5 And Support From Apple To Create His Own Social Media App

In order to take his brainchild to the next level of officially launching, Hatcher participated in the Apple Entrepreneur Camp for Black app founders.

“They provided us with so many different resources,” he shared. “Not only ways to potentially get funding, but they also allowed us to have technical support as well. As a solo founder, I don’t really have anyone to bounce ideas off of. If there is a bug or there’s something I need to work on, I kind of just have to figure it out on my own. So, having that time to actually sit with the actual technical developers at Apple was so beneficial and helped me clear a bunch of roadblocks I had that I didn’t really have a means to get across or obstacles that I had to overcome.”

With the launch of w/Friends, Hatcher shared with us that Apple has supported and encouraged him in his journey of “connecting the dots.”

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