How Many Jumping Jacks to Burn 100 Calories? Get That Body Snatched!

So… you can knock out jumping jacks like no one’s business AND you want to save time? Then, most likely you want to know just how many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories does it really take. The answer probably will shock ya, because it’s probably not as much as you are thinking.

We went back to our fitness trainer pros to ask them to break it all down to us in two helpful increments: time as well as reps. That way you guys can get an idea of how many jacks you need to bust out; and how long it will take you to do so.

Let’s start with reps then, shall we? Well, believe it or not our panel of fitness pros were actually unanimous on this one. They say that to burn 100 calories fast, you need to perform a total of 500 jumping jacks.


How Many Jumping Jacks to Burn 100 Calories


Honestly, this is way less then what we were thinking. When we first started calling everybody, our personal guesses were between 800-1,000. However, each of our trainer buddies say that 500 will actually do the trick.

Moreover, even though calorie burn will differ between person to person, due to factors such as weight and how much muscle someone possesses; it’s widely believed that a person can in fact burn between 8-10 calories per minute doing jumping jacks. Sweet!

This means you need to aim to perform about 100 jumping jacks every 2 minutes. This is quite doable for many, or is great a fitness goal to have in mind to work up to. Furthermore, several of our fit friends recommend doing this in the morning or throughout the day when you get a little time to squeeze in a quick workout.



Imagine getting up in the morning and being able to burn 100 calories in just minutes! That will definitely get your day off to a great fitness start and help you on the road to reaching your in-shape, healthy body goals.

How Many Jumping Jacks to Burn 100 Calories? Get That Body Snatched!

Nevertheless, speaking of time, how long total will you have to workout to burn 100 calories from jumping jacks? Well, we just have to do a little easy math. If you can burn about 10 calories a minute you just have to do a little division. 100 divided by 10, gets you 10. So in just 10 minutes you can burn 100 calories from just doing a simple exercise like jumping jacks!



Moreover, just to check our math even further. Remember, our panel of fitness trainers said that it takes 500 jacking jacks total to burn 100 calories. Also, it takes about 2 minutes to knock out 100 reps. So in order to get from 100 reps to 500 in total you’ll have to times things by 5. Basically, perform 100 reps (which should take you about 2 minutes to complete) a total of five times…. or 2 minutes times 5 which gets you 10 minutes. Thank you Algebra teachers Lol!

So, you basically need to do about 50 jumping jacks a minute to hit this target and sweet spot in order to obliterate 100 calories. Pretty easy right? Plus, it’s simple to set aside just 10 minutes to get it done. Yes, just 10 minutes out of your entire 24 hour day; when put like that you can see why it’s extremely doable.

Moreover, try using your phone timer to help you stay within 10 minutes. Just hit the “Start” button and do your best. And remember if you can’t quite get to 500 jumping jacks, you can always work up to it. No pressure.

All of this is just to help us see, that it is possible to squeeze a quick workout in and get a decent calorie burn for the effort. All of us are busy, and it can be difficult to manage life, stress, looking cute and staying fit. However, in just 10 minutes and 500 jumping jacks; you can burn 100 calories and get working on having you sexy a hot girl summer!


How Many Jumping Jacks to Burn 100 Calories


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