How Ne-Yo Diversified His Entertainment Industry Portfolio To Earn A $9M Net Worth

Photo Credit: Rich Polk

Ne-Yo is, of course, best known for his music career. But his career beginnings were inauspicious, to say the least. In 2000, he was dropped by Columbia Records before he could release his first album. But in 2003, he turned it all around when Marques Houston released “That Girl” off of his album, “MH,” which was originally written and recorded by Ne-Yo.

It would be 2006, however, before Ne-Yo would release his own music under his own name. That came in the form of his debut album, “In My Own Words,” which was released on the Def Jam label. According to Motown Records, Ne-Yo has sold more than 20 million albums on his own.

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