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How Personal Health and Relationship Health are Linked –

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Your personal health and happiness are essential to the health and happiness of your relationship.

Your ability to be intimate with your partner begins with focusing on yourself. So ask yourself, honestly…

  • Where are you emotionally right now?
  • How has your body been feeling lately?
  • How spiritually connected have you felt recently? 

Most of us are so busy working on our daily to-do list that we don’t even take time to check in with ourselves. Your journey to intimacy with your partner begins with looking inward with yourself and truly understanding what you want. 

It may be the first time in years that you’ve actually taken an inventory of who you are and what is important to you. 

Are you still dealing with traumatic issues from your past? Having difficulty balancing work and life? Depression or anxiety? Feeling physically ‘meh’? 

Your state of being is the only element of the relationship that you have complete control over. The healthier you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually, the deeper you’ll be able to get with your partner.

Get to know yourself. 

A common way to get to know yourself is through cardio. Too often we spend our days just sitting, and not getting our heart rate up. Our bodies are always at a tepid ‘meh,’

What can our body handle, what can it not? You can get happiness and satisfaction by understanding where your limits are in physical fitness, and improving them.

Sure, physical fitness is a personal journey, but your significant other can come along for the ride too. Working with your partner, try these exercises below. If you have knee problems, don’t worry, we also show another way to pump up the cardio.

Partner Cross Jumps are a great way to get the blood flowing. You’ll be able to get a good starting point on where currently you are physically. Do you wear out after a few seconds; do you barely break a sweat. Make a note for yourself how you feel.

Make sure to share this with your partner too. It could be that there is a common goal, like getting in better shape, or just doing more activities together. One workout and one conversation could easily set in motion a way to increase the health and happiness in the relationship.

To keep the momentum, head to for the full workout. This is just the first step in increasing personal and relationship health and happiness.

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