How to Become Happy Again-8 Natural Stress Relievers!

Fact: WE ARE ALL STRESSED OUT. It is hard to find a single person who is not worried, anxious or depressed about something. Therefore, this means there are thousands, if not, millions of us who need to learn how to become happy again. And we CAN! Although, it may take a little effort on our part.

Nevertheless, any efforts to change our mental state will be well worth it and serve us well in the future if we are ever down in the dumps again. Which unfortunately, just happens. Honestly, life can be a roller coaster… some days you are feeling up; and other days can feel like a sharp downward spiral. However, whether it’s school, work, family, friends or anything else upping your body tension; do know that you CAN cope and get through anything. How?

First, always remember that stress does not need to rule your life. There are several things you can do everyday that can help you relax and get back to enjoying life. Some involve getting back to nature, while others are related to hobbies. Find one below that speaks to you, your vibe or lifestyle and you’ll be back on the track to a better mood in no time flat!

How to Find Joy in Life Again -8 Anxiety Relievers to Try Now!


How to Become Happy Again



Breathe a Sigh of Relief… Literally: Deep breathing is effective in dealing with anxiety, stress and anger. If you need some instant calm try this: inhale for 4 counts (yes count to four as you breathe in); and exhale for 4 counts. Repeat this process 8-10 times. Such deep breathing will help calm your body and mind.

Move That Body Ody Ody: We have yet to see Megan Thee Stallion not smiling; and it’s probably because her and her knee game knows the “secret.” Yep, one of the best and easiest ways to keep stress at bay is to just MOVE. Get exercise in on most days of the week and watch your bad mood melt away. Exercising helps your body create a chemical response that allows to feel happier. When you’re happy it’s more difficult to be sad, so get moving!



How to Become Happy Again



Drop It Down Low: No, not THAT body part lol. We are talking about your shoulders. Right this moment relax your shoulders and take a deep breath. You see, many of us stay hunched and scrunched up all day and don’t even realize it. Removing tension from the body helps you to remain more calm all over.

How to Find Happiness in Life: How to Become Happy Again in 8 Ways (Continued)

Cake By the Ocean: Did you know that just looking at the sea can make you feel more relaxed? It’s true! Researchers have discovered that staring at the ocean can place you in a more calm, meditative state and even help to spark your creativity. So then, the next time you are feeling super stressed or not very inspired; it might just be time for you to have a fun beach day.



How to Become Happy Again



Call Your Person: There is no “I” in team! Yes, all of us can use a little support sometimes. Therefore, to help combat stress it is best to call a trusted family member or friend to express your thoughts and feelings to in confidence. They may be able to help you see and understand your situation from a different perspective or at least help you to feel better with a deeper sense of comfort. Their compassion and listening ear may be all you need to de-stress.





Sky is Not the Limit: Did you know that looking up at the sky is a stress reliever and help you be more creative? This is because looking at the color blue can be soothing. Moreover, sky gazing slows you down from life’s busy and hectic pace; giving you a chance and moment to regroup and get your emotions back in check. A recent study finds that visibility of the sky can dramatically reduce psychological distress.

How to Find Your Joy -Best Ways to De-Stress





In the Words of Drake, Thank Me Later: Yes, being grateful, thankful and appreciative for what we do have can help when things aren’t exactly going our way. It’s like the famous saying, we must learn to see “the glass as half full, not half empty.” The right perspective can help us to see all the good things we actually have going for us, so that we can maintain a more positive attitude. Try taking out a notebook and journaling all the things you are thankful for or accomplished in your life; you’ll come to see things aren’t as bleak as they may seem.

Got Creative Outlet?: Yes, being creative can reduce depression, anxiety, stress, as well as help you process any trauma. Studies have found that drawing, writing or painting can encourage people to manage any negative emotions in a more productive way. Also, creativity is great for fighting anxiety because it activates the parts and areas of your brain that process emotions. Therefore, don’t just think of music, art or other creative ventures as just passing the time. Such activities are great options for self-care that reduce stress and improve mental health.





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