How to Moisturize High Porosity Hair -Learn the Method and Hydrating Fix!

Dealing with frizz, fast drying strands and lack of hydration? If you answered yes, you are not alone. MANY deal with such issues because they have tresses that are high porosity. Therefore, today we are going to talk about a method; a fix for this common issue. Read on to learn about how to moisturize high porosity hair!

First of all, in order to know how to fix a problem you need to understand why it happens in the first place. It’s the same as solving for “X” in Algebra. Once you have figured out the other variables, you come to understand the entire problem.

So then, what variables should we know about hair that is considered high porosity? Well, this hair condition can be caused by genetics, or various haircare or styling treatments. For instance, hair processing and styling treatments like straightening, blow-drying, bleaching, and other chemical applications; can all cause strands to become porous.

Nevertheless, the main variable or cause that should be ignored is how your strands simply behave. Hair that is dealing with high porosity literally just means that your cuticles are spaced farther apart. This absolutely great and challenging at the same time.

Why? The spacing affects how your hair stays moisturized. High porosity lets in moisture SUPER fast but has a harder time keeping all that great moisture in (hence the spacing). Therefore, how can you keep all that hydration in and help prevent and cut down on dryness and frizz?

How to Moisturize High Porosity Hair -Learn the Method and Hydrating Fix!

You need to LOCK that moisturize in and throw away the key! The whole problem is that high porosity tresses do not hold onto moisture that well. So then, by “trapping” in moisture using hair products in a certain order can help curly, natural hair to stay nice and hydrated.



Yes, try using LOC method. Which stands for Leave-In Conditioner, Oil and Cream. So, how this would work is that on hair that is already very hydrated or wet (perfect time would be after a shower or shampooing/conditioning); apply a leave-in conditioner, then hair oil and finally a hair cream.

Some product examples of each of the above would be like the following:

Leave-In Conditioner 

  • Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner
  • Cantu Conditioner

Hair Oil

Hair Cream

  • Cantu Curling Cream
  • Pattern Beauty Styling Cream

The LOC method and technique is great for helping porous hair trap in plenty of hydration. Not only will doing so help keep frizz and dryness at bay. But, you will also help keep your hair healthy and promote length retention as well as hair growth.

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