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The Biobizz nutrient schedule is a graphic aid developed by this brand to obtain, in a simple way, the maximum benefits from their products during a complete cultivation cycle, both indoor and outdoor. They show information concerning the doses and combinations of their fertilizers based on factors such as the stage of maturation and age of the plant, presented in weeks.

To understand the schedule one should be aware the marijuana has different phases during which it requires different amounts of specific nutrients. For example, during the growth phase, the plant requires high levels of nitrogen to grow, while during flowering it needs an extra supply of nutrients like phosphorus. Therefore, it is very important to apply the correct nutrients depending on the stage your plants are in.

It should also be noted that the schedule is approximate, so the ideal actions may vary depending on the variety one has planted, growing conditions, and even the grower’s experience level. Therefore, you should always fertilize based on your plant’s status, in addition to monitoring parameters such as pH to ensure that it absorbs all the nutrients you provide it.

At the top of the nutrient schedule is a series of basic tips on fertilization and cultivation, later dividing into two tables, as Biobizz specifies different amounts of nutrients depending on the substrate you are using: Biobizz All-Mix or Biobizz Light-Mix. In addition, this watering schedule is designed to combine Biobizz liquid fertilizers with these specific substrates, as they are formulated to compensate for the nutrients needed at each stage, but taking into account those already contained in both their soils, like this brand’s coconut fiber.

Light-Mix provides the ideal base to foster the vigorous growth of seedlings, young plants and cuttings, from the very beginning

Biobizz product range

Before explaining how to interpret the tables, it is first necessary to be familiar with all the Biobizz products involved. This way you will know what you are giving your plants at any given moment:

Biobizz organic substrates

  • All-Mix: an enriched substrate that delivers nutrients for several weeks, so, with its use, doses of Biobizz products should be less than those otherwise recommended. The careful composition of the All-Mix soil is ideal for growers who do not worry too much about feeding their plants.
  • Light-Mix is a soft substrate, ideal for the germination stage, the first weeks of growth, and for the development and rooting of cuttings. Biobizz Light-Mix is perfect for growers who like to thoroughly monitor the feeding of their plants.
  • Coco-Mix is an inert substrate comprised of coconut fiber. It is just right for the germination of seeds, young plants, and the rooting and development of cuttings, thanks to its low moisture retention, perfect oxygenation and low EC levels. It is highly recommended to enhance substrates with Coco-Mix for better moisture retention.

Biobizz products contain only natural organic elements, instead of mineral salts like magnesium, or sulfates, which can be found in synthetic fertilizers.

Biobizz organic fertilizers

  • Bio-Grow is a base fertilizer for the growth stage composed of sugar beet. Bio-Grow stimulates the formation of branches and leaves in a powerful way, helping plants to yield better results in the flowering stage.
  • Bio-Bloom is responsible for providing all the necessary nutrients during the flowering stage, aiding the formation of large flowers and enhancing their aromatic quality. Bio-Bloom mixes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a meticulous composition, in addition to containing trace elements.
  • Fish-Mix is a basic growth fertilizer made from fish emulsion, which, in addition to being ideal for the proper formation of leaves and branches, furthers the production and growth of microorganisms in the growing medium. Fish-Mix by Biobizz is an ideal product for use in outdoor cultivation, and should not be combined with Bio-Grow.

Biobizz’s Try-pack Indoor includes three products to fertilize 1 to 4 plants.
Biobizz’s Try-pack Indoor includes three products to fertilize 1 to 4 plants.

Biobizz organic stimulants

  • Top-Max is a powerful bloom stimulator capable of increasing the size, weight and aromatic quality of harvests. Thanks to Top-Max’s formulation, it is able to improve and increase the assimilation of nutrients, bolstering the results reached with other Bio-Bizz products.
  • Alg-A-Mic is an excellent stimulator and revitalizer made from algae, which offers a balanced combination of macroelements. It is ideal for treating and/or avoiding nutritional problems, increasing resistance to sudden temperature changes, preventing diseases, and improving plants’ general appearance.
  • Root Juice is responsible for stimulating the proper development of root systems, thanks to the fact that it is composed of algae and humic acid, which allows Root Juice to increase the uptake of water and nutrients, and, therefore, final growth and production.

Biobizz Organic Activator

  • Acti-Vera is a product made from aloe vera, which helps to improve plants’ health, germination, metabolism and natural defenses. Acti-Vera is an organic botanical stimulator that can be used throughout cultivation, either as a spray or in irrigation.

Biobizz Organic Booster

  • Bio-Heaven helps to enhance all development processes, improves moisture retention in substrates, and increases and improves nutrient uptake by stimulating enzyme activity at soil level. Thus, Bio-Heaven prevents problems with excess nutrients in substrates.

Organic PH regulators

  • Bio-Up allows you to raise the pH level of irrigation water in a natural way, as it is formulated with humic acids, which also facilitate the uptake of nutrients and improve the quality of the Biobizz soil you use.
  • Bio-Down allows you to lower the pH level of irrigation water in a natural way, thanks to the fact that it is formulated with citric acid from fruit, so it does not affect microorganisms in substrates.

Biobizz Supplements

  • Calmag is a supplement designed to correct nutritional deficiencies related to calcium and magnesium, and to increase the electroconductivity (EC) of soft or nutrient-deficient water.

Biobizz active microorganisms

  • Microbes is a product comprised of different types of bacteria, fungi and enzymes, which help to improve and increase nutrient uptake. Microbes also prevent overfertilization problems, facilitating the decomposition of nutrients and dead roots.

With the BioBizz nutrient schedule you can see how your plants grow day by day, knowing that you are giving them one of the most professional products in the fertilizer industry.
With the BioBizz nutrient schedule you can see how your plants grow day by day, knowing that you are giving them one of the most professional products in the fertilizer industry.

How to interpret Biobizz nutrient schedules

Here are some factors to keep in mind when using the tables:

Indoor and outdoor growth phase

The Biobizz tables show only two weeks for the indoor growing stage, a rather short period for what is normal in these cases. Growers who are dealing with longer growing periods, either indoors or outdoors, or grow auto-flowering varieties, should only repeat the recommended doses in the second week (SEM 2) until the beginning of pre-flowering (SEM 3).

Indoor and outdoor flowering phase

The flowering phase is only eight weeks, plus one week for washing and one for the harvest. This indication, in cases of varieties with more or less than eight-week flowering periods, is a bit confusing. In the case of varieties flowering in less than eight weeks, we recommend cancelling the dosage for intermediate weeks six and eight (SEM 6 and SEM 8). For strains with flowering periods of over eight weeks, we recommend observing the dosage for the tenth week of flowering (SEM 10) as long as needed.

EC levels

The dosages recommended in the Biobizz tables assume application on completely healthy plants, and the use of water with an EC not exceeding 0.4. Therefore, it is advisable to use an EC meter to keep from exceeding the recommended EC for each stage of cultivation. In cases in which the plants do not support the marked dosage, and/or are not 100% healthy, the indicated ml should be reduced.

Frequency of fertilization

The Biobizz schedules do not express the frequency of weekly irrigation with just water and fertilizers, so we recommend an irrigation with water and an irrigation with fertilizers. In this way we give plants time to take advantage of the nutrients applied, and avoid an excess of them in the growing medium, which could cause overfertilization problems, even though organic fertilizers are milder on plants.

Biobizz has recently changed its corporate image, taking the brand back to its origins, depicting a mature company and a leading product in the organic sector worldwide.
Biobizz has recently changed its corporate image, taking the brand back to its origins, depicting a mature company and a leading product in the organic sector worldwide.

Spraying Biobizz products

When spraying the leaves with Biobizz products that offer this possibility, we recommend the use of quality water with an EC of no more than 0.4. They should be applied before or just after the light phase. In addition, we do not recommend applying them when the plants are in the fattening period, on rainy days, or in very humid environments.

Correction of pH levels

To reduce or increase pH levels when watering, we recommend mixing the fertilizers one at a time, mixing them vigorously, and letting them stand afterwards. Later the pH level should be measured and corrected, if necessary.

Biobizz schedules for auto-flowering plants

This same schedule can be used for the cultivation of auto-flowering marijuana varieties with a life cycle of about 13 weeks (3 months), which constitute the majority of commercial varieties, though in this case the EC should not exceed 700-800 mS during the first 3 weeks.

Final considerations

If you are using this schedule for the first time it may seem a little complicated to follow, but growing with this fertilization guide is really easy once you discover its possibilities. Before you start, however, you should keep in mind that Biobizz considers the first week of growth when the plant is between 10-15 cm tall, and has between 2-4 real leaves. Make sure not to start fertilizing just after germination, as the seedling will be over-fertilized.

Note that it is much easier to remedy a shortage than an excess of fertilizers. And always remember that the amounts of product recommended in these fertilizer programs are calculated for optimized crops, when the plants can absorb the maximum amount of food because all the parameters are perfect, something that is not always the case with marijuana crops, especially for beginners, so there are plants that may need lower quantities.


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