How Using Cannabis To Fill The Shoes Of His ‘P. Valley’ Character Led J. Alphonse Nicholson To Take On The Industry With Ball Family Farms

Now, after two years of sporting the title under the Black-owned cannabis company, Nicholson has returned with his own strain.

As AfroTech reported, Ball and Alphonse joined forces to release “The Phonzie” strain, which introduced consumers to the positive effects of cannabis use by invoking feelings of calmness and relaxation through the terpene-rich cannabis.

“Shout out to cannabis, being my medicine, my vice, such a beautiful plant that helps calm my anxiety and allows me to be relaxed, precise, and fierce. Coming up through college, obviously, in high school, it was one of those things where everybody, we smoking, we getting high, but by the time I got to the say, the age of 22, 23, is when I really realized it was a coping mechanism for me and a medicine to help soothe my anxiety,” Alphonse told AfroTech.

He continued: “Fast forward to ‘P Valley’ — it’s a huge shoe to fill with this character Lil Murda. It’s a very complex character. I knew that I was gonna need something to help me stay relaxed, [and] keep my anxiety calm. I met Chris Ball right at the top of that, right at the height of the show coming out in 2020. We became really good friends. I eventually became the brand ambassador for Ball Family Farms, and I expressed to him that I wanted to be in the cannabis industry as well and help create a strain that made people feel exactly the way I felt when I smoked Ball Family Farms products.”

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