How Well Do You Know These 7 Little-Known Caribbean Islands?

When you think of the Caribbean islands, the first one that comes to mind is probably Jamaica. The third-largest island in the Caribbean is known as the birthplace of reggae and the legendary Bob Marley, home to some of the world’s fastest sprinters, the originators of dancehall, and purveyors of the best jerk chicken on earth.

You might also think of Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost twin-isles in the Caribbean, where carnival is serious business. Or maybe Barbados, which produced the bad gal herself, Rihanna. There’s also a good chance you may have visited or honeymooned in one of the most romantic countries in the world, St. Lucia.

But there are multiple other Caribbean islands you may never have heard of that deserve some shine as well. See how many you know on this list and consider them for your next getaway.

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