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How Well Do You Know Your Hairspray?


To hold your perfect style in place, sometimes spritz and gel just won’t do! Hairspray can give you the hold you need, but what does that actually mean? We’ve got the answers to this and more.

Aerosol vs. non-aerosol

So yes, you may have known that one is better for the environment.

But did you know that non-aerosol sprays help to lock in the shape and texture of curly hair, and that aerosols are better for blown-out, smoother hairstyles adding hold and finish?

Is hairspray good for your hair?

If you opt to purchase a good and NOURISHING hairspray, you can find that it has many added benefits for the hair.

Try a formula with repairing ingredients such as Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray ($19.99, Paul Mitchell salons).

This is a great option because it offers added moisture and helps fight against humidity.

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What does hold actually mean?

Whether it’s “light hold,” “medium hold,” or “freeze hold”, what exactly is that referring to?

You probably thought the most logical concept is how well it will hold your style, right? Wrong.

Hold actually refers to your hair type. Light hold =

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