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How Your Feet Age (And How To Make Them Younger)


“My feet hurt.”
“Let me sit down for a second, it’s my feet.”
“Oooh, my dogs are barking.”

Those are just some of the phrases you hear or may even say yourself when feet are hurting. It’s normal for your feet to hurt as you age. The constant walking, dancing, or even enduring hours on end walking in shoes that may be hard on your feet can all wear down the collagen built to help absorb the shock with every step.

So what do you do? Even wearing different shoes after your collagen has worn down may not help. But there is a simple procedure more people are opting to use.

Cosmetic foot cushioning

Cosmetic foot cushioning is an “off label”, simple injection of a dermal filler that helps promote collagen growth,” says foot surgeon, Dr. Charlton Woodly. “Over time pressure placed on the balls of your feet wear down the natural cushioning or “shock absorber.’”

This is a great, new treatment option for all that party in high heels, yet caution should be exercised. It is very important to seek out practitioners who have learned about and understand the exact anatomy of the foot, how an individual’s feet present and how they walk, as both of these will be unique to the individual. Experience in this type of procedure is very important (and not widespread).

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How does it work?

Dr. Woodly and his team have studied, researched and refined the procedure to ensure each patient

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