HubSpot And NTWRK Team Up With Antoine Gregory To Amplify And Fund Emerging Black Designers

The collection includes the designs of Antoine Manning, founder of Homage Year, and Nicole Zizi, founder of Nicole Zizi Studio, who are “growing better through their commitment to the environment, their communities, and their customers.”

The products feature Manning’s signature Mini Ova bag in HubSpot’s solaris orange, Zizi’s iconic organic cotton logo hoodie with “grow better” detailing, and a custom one-of-one Nicole Zizi recycled patchwork denim jacket.

“Our partnerships with HubSpot have reflected our shared commitment to uplift new creative talent to fans on the cutting edge of art and fashion,” NTWRK CEO Aaron Levant said. “In our third collaboration, we’re proud to highlight diverse creators who face obstacles in business development and retail exposure, and to shine a spotlight on Antoine Gregory’s drive and commitment to advocating for change.”

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